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My Auto Store is a subsidiary of EMR, one of the world’s largest scrap metal recycling companies. Our state-of-the-art automotive disassembly plant in Camden, New Jersey has the capacity to dismantle 7000+ vehicles each month. We are one of the country’s largest automobile recyclers and your go-to source for used auto parts – any year, any make, and any model. We supply the Tri-State area with the largest most comprehensive selection of used car parts anywhere.

Whether you order from us online, by phone, or at our flagship warehouse, our parts pros are on-hand to provide you with the right OEM parts in time, every time. We purchase more than 4500 cars and trucks each and every month, with each donor vehicle’s parts individually inspected and tested at multiple levels for quality before making it into our inventory.

We are NOT your normal Junkyard: Our Commitment is to the Environment, OEM Parts, and Recycling

My Auto Store process starts with the inspection and inventory of the vehicle. We use proprietary software to determine the best quality parts and catalog the items into our database. We then remove any and all hazardous items such as fluids, gas, tires, and catalytic converters among other hazardous items. All hazardous items are recycled through recycling centers specifically designed for the hazardous material around the country.

At this point the car is dismantled and only the highest quality, OEM parts are kept in our inventory with the rest being recycled. Once all the items are removed the car is then crushed and “shredded”. This material is then sorted between ferrous and non-ferrous metal and all non metal (plastics, rubber, carpet, etc.) are removed at this time. The sorted metal is then melted down and turned into new, recycled metal products.  My Auto Store is involved in the whole process: From the running/driving vehicle, to OEM parts, ending with sorted, shredded, recycled metal. That is My Auto Store Difference!

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