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The Best Used Auto Parts You Can Buy Online Include Used Engines & Transmissions from My Auto Store

Best Used Auto Parts You Can Buy

There are many reasons why you would want to buy used auto parts. It’s cheaper, you can get it quicker and you know it’s available. Oftentimes, the used car & truck parts are either unused or in good condition so you’re better off with that option over spending more to wait for an OEM or aftermarket replacement. With a newer vehicle, new parts might be a better option but for a daily driver, an older vehicle, or even a restoration car, used parts are the way to go.

Whether you need to replace a bent wheel or damaged rear bumper, there are countless parts that are worth buying used. You can find used parts in good condition through a variety of channels including the junkyard, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and our homepage. While pre-owned parts are a great route to go, these are the items that are truly worth the bargain.


OEM Wheels, particularly stock, are one of the best vehicle parts worth re-using. They are typically in good condition when they arrive at a salvage yard or through an online seller like My Auto Store. These are one of the most popular used auto parts and are easy to obtain for a fraction of the price of new ones, especially for stock rims.


Rear and side view mirrors get pricey when you need to replace damaged ones. New OEM rear and side view mirrors can be costly to replace. Why pay a lot for new parts while waiting for the part to arrive at the dealer when you can get one for significantly less online? The side view mirror is generally in good working condition when pulled for spare parts from salvaged cars. This makes them a great part to purchase used for much less.

Auto Glass

Replacing a cracked or shattered windshield, window or sunroof can be stressful and costly. Driving with a cracked windshield, window or sunroof can be particularly dangerous. Opt for the more affordable replacement with used auto glass. This also applies to the window hardware that breaks often like a regulator, power window switch, or other window hardware. Rather than paying full price for a new part that isn’t reliable, it makes more sense to shed the money on a preowned part for a lot less.


This is one of the most expensive items to replace in a vehicle. You may be contemplating replacing the engine or buying a newer vehicle. Replacing your engine can be a steep price; however, you won’t have to worry about taking out a car loan. With the rise in new and pre-owned car prices and the availability of vehicles, it may be worth looking toward replacing your engine. By opting for a quality used engine, you’ll save significantly more over ordering a new engine. Used engines come with all the unnecessary parts that work from the last vehicle. Depending on the year and model, the cost of your engine can vary.


The transmission is another part that comes with a hefty price tag for a replacement. Rather than spend thousands of dollars for a new transmission on an older vehicle. You could easily lower your repair bill by finding a used transmission that would save you hundreds of dollars. This particularly makes sense for older vehicles. You won’t have to waste a lot of money by putting in a new transmission for a vehicle with high mileage. Read more in-depth about the advantages of used transmissions here.

Head Lights/Taillights

Pre-owned OEM headlights are one of the best items to buy used. They’re relatively inexpensive to purchase when it’s time for a replacement. It’s also easier to find an OEM match for halogen headlights, especially on older vehicles. For more recent vehicles, most have LED headlights, which last longer and are brighter. However, they are also more expensive. Many times, headlights from scrapped vehicles are in very good condition and work properly. This is when it’s worth saving money on a used one rather than splurging on a pricey OEM or aftermarket replacement.


If you were involved in a fender bender, used fenders and bumpers are a good option. While new OEM fenders and bumpers are the preferred choices, certain insurance companies may end up covering an aftermarket part. Some insurance companies may even request body shops to use used fenders and bumpers as a cheaper alternative if an insured’s policy doesn’t cover OEM or even aftermarket just to offset the cost of repairs. Even though you may need to replace your cracked or damaged fender or bumper with a used one, the collision shop will most likely find a used OEM part in good condition. So your car, SUV, van, or truck will have the correct fit and it will look brand new.

Used auto parts not only are a quicker and budget-friendly fix, but they also can be just as good of a replacement as a new item. Like anything pre-owned, you’ll need to order from a reputable business and ensure it includes a warranty, such as the parts sold on our website. Also, inspect and test (if possible) the part when it arrives. Unlike new OEM or aftermarket parts that are impacted by the impending supply chain bottlenecks, you won’t have to wait long for the part to come to get back on the road quickly. The next time your SUV or the car breaks down and you don’t have much time or funds to wait for replacement parts, look for used parts.

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