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My Auto Store is an ARA Authorized Airbag Reseller

My Auto Store Becomes Certified ARA Airbag Reseller with Impressive Score

My Auto Store recently received the 2023 Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) and Recall certification from the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), who is the voice of the professional automotive recycling industry. The certification allows more than airbag sales, it also provides a guideline of compliance and excellence for businesses to follow a strict set of US […]

Best Used Auto Parts That You Can Buy

Best Used Auto Parts You Can Buy

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a used vehicle part. It’s cheaper, you can get it quicker and you know it’s available. Oftentimes, the used parts are either unused or in good condition so you’re better off with that option over spending more to wait for an OEM or aftermarket replacement. […]

How the Semiconductor shortage is affecting the auto recycling industry.

How the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Impacts the Automotive Industry

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for your vehicle’s parts to arrive? There is one big reason for this. The looming semiconductor chip shortage. New vehicles have hardware that requires software to control many functions that would be tough to do with hardware alone. Software impacts nearly everything in your vehicle from […]

Chevrolet Impala - Why do Impala transmissions fail blog post

Why 9th Gen Chevy Impala Transmissions Fail

Introduced in 1958, the Chevrolet Bel Air Impala quickly became one of the most popular sedans in history, and it remained that way for decades. While General Motors discontinued the Impala in 2020, it remains one of Chevy’s most memorable cars and a favorite among enthusiasts. Each generation of the Impala has had its share […]

Nissan CVT Transmissions Blog Post

Nissan CVT Transmissions | Are they unreliable?

Since the 2000s, most of Nissan’s transmission problems center around their CVT or continuously variable transmission. Nissan’s CVTs are known to be notoriously unreliable, and many owners complain about having to repair or even replace their car’s transmission more frequently compared to regular automatic or manual transmissions. What is a CVT? A CVT or continuously […]

Quality used transmissions

Buying Cheap Used Transmissions Isn’t As Risky As You Think

Most people think a bad transmission means spending thousands at the repair shop on parts, plus the cost of labor for a mechanic to replace it. New parts are expensive, but buying cheap used transmissions can get your car back in working order for much less, and it isn’t as risky as you think if […]

Used Motors with warranty

Where To Find Used Engines With A Warranty

So you’ve made the decision and are ready to buy a used engine instead of a new one. Before proceeding, though, there is one last aspect to consider. It’s not just about buying a used engine and saving some money; your goal should be to get a used engine with a warranty. Do Used Engines […]

Cheap Used Engines Online

Buying Cheap Used Engines Isn’t As Risky As You Think

There is a concern we repeatedly hear from our customers, is buying cheap used engines risky? The short answer is no. Buying cheap used engines isn’t as risky as you think. If you’re interested in finding out why then read on. Analyzing the root of the problem The first thought of everyone considering buying a […]

Used Motor in a repair shop

Why You Should Buy Used Motors Instead Of A New One

If you find yourself in the difficult position of having to replace your car’s engine, this article may be helpful. Today the My Auto Store team is going to show you why you should buy used motors instead of a new ones (and save money in the process). Disadvantages of buying a brand new motor […]

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