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Auto Maintenance Tips & Getting The Most Out of Your Auto Parts.

Preventative Auto Maintenance can Save You from Costly Headache

Auto Maintenance Tips Whether it’s a new or pre-owned, preventative auto maintenance is the best way to ensure it lasts & prevents costly repairs. You have probably heard this word used often as a car, van, truck, or SUV owner, but you might not be quite sure what you should be proactively looking for when […]

Chevrolet Impala - Why do Impala transmissions fail blog post

Why 9th Gen Chevy Impala Transmissions Fail

Introduced in 1958, the Chevrolet Bel Air Impala quickly became one of the most popular sedans in history, and it remained that way for decades. While General Motors discontinued the Impala in 2020, it remains one of Chevy’s most memorable cars and a favorite among enthusiasts. Each generation of the Impala has had its share […]

Quality used engines

How to Find a Quality Used Engine for Sale

From private sellers to “U-pull-it” junkyards, there are tons of places where you can find used engines for sale. The key is finding a quality used engine, one that will last you for the life of your car without breaking down or causing problems. The best quality used engines are: Low mileage Free of damage […]

Car air conditioning

Don’t Wait To Fix Your AC Compressor Before It Gets Too Hot

When it comes to fixing car AC compressor problems, most people wait as long as possible before looking for a solution. However, what would you think if we prove to you that waiting may be the worst course of action, as it will potentially force you to replace the compressor with a new one? That’s […]

How to save up to 90% on OEM auto parts

How To Save Up To 90% On OEM Auto Parts

Whether you just want the best parts for your car or you are restoring a vehicle and want to keep it original, we want to help you save money and time when looking for OEM parts. If you keep reading and follow our professional advice below you will be a pro in saving up to […]

Infographic. Repair shops use aftermarket parts instead of OEM

Most Auto Repair Shops Use Aftermarket Parts Instead of OEM Parts and Here is Why

According to Tom Torbjornsen, host of America’s Car Show, around 80 percent of independent repair shops use aftermarket parts instead of OEM. So unless you take your car to the dealership’s service department when you need a repair, you won’t know if the repair technician is installing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts in […]

Where To Buy A Used Transfer Case Online And Not Get Scammed

If you even begin to suspect that your transfer case is going bad, we recommend you do not let it fail. Suppose your transfer case fails while your car is running, it can cause some severe damage to your transmission. In most cases, if your transfer case is having problems, we recommend that you replace it before […]

Mechanic performing an engine swap

The Most Common & Reliable Engine Swaps

Engine swaps are common among car enthusiasts and mechanics alike. Some do it for fun and others do it because they have to, in order for their vehicle to continue its life. People decide to do an engine swap for many different reasons: To replace a broken or old car motor with an identical one […]

Mechanic assessing auto repair cost

Why Auto Repair Cost Will Keep Increasing and What You Can Do About It

You probably think going to the auto repair shop is already expensive as it is. Well it is only going to get more expensive, and unfortunately auto repair cost affects virtually everyone. More than ever Americans all over the country are holding on to their vehicles for longer, and you might be one of them. […]

Tools You Need to Keep in Your Vehicle

Some people keep a lot of stuff in their car. Everyone has a friend that looks like they live out of their automobile. This is, of course, not ideal for most people. So, it is important to know what tools to keep in your car. Some of these tools you need will help you with everyday […]

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