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Nissan CVT Transmissions Blog Post Posted in:

Nissan CVT Transmissions | Are they unreliable?

Since the 2000s, most of Nissan’s transmission problems center around their CVT or continuously variable transmission. Nissan’s CVTs are known to be notoriously unreliable, and many owners complain about having to repair or even replace their car’s transmission more frequently compared to regular automatic or manual transmissions. What is a CVT? A CVT or continuously […]

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Shift knob from a car with an automatic transmission Posted in:

Buying Cheap Used Transmissions Isn’t As Risky As You Think

Most people think a bad transmission means spending thousands at the repair shop on parts, plus the cost of labor for a mechanic to replace it. New parts are expensive, but buying cheap used transmissions can get your car back in working order for much less, and it isn’t as risky as you think if […]

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Why you need a visor in your car Posted in:

The Importance of Sun Visors for Driving Safety and How to Save Money Buying Them Online

Sunrise and sunset. Two magical moments of the day in which the sun shows all its splendor. However, you may not find these moments so “magical” if you drive east or west. No matter how much driving experience you have, dealing with direct sunlight in your field of vision is serious business. This is when […]

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What Does A Carrier Assembly Do And How To Buy One Online

Many people, even enthusiasts, are not sure what a carrier assembly is. That’s why the experts at My Auto Store have decided to do something about it. In this article, we will explore what this part is and how to buy one online. What Is a Carrier Assembly? Throughout this article, you will notice that […]

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How A Car Differential Works & Warning Signs It May Fail

Many people hear the word differential and think of 4WD/AWD vehicles but what is a differential on a car/truck? How does it work, are there different types, what is a gear ratio, is it the same as a transfer case? Most importantly, how you should maintain it and how can you tell if it is […]

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Manual transmissions guide Posted in:

What Brands Are Still Offering Manual Transmission Cars?

When people talk about a manual transmission car they are typically referring to what is popularly known as stick shift cars. Let’s first establish what constitutes a manual transmission, since there are automatic transmissions that allow some manual control over the gear changes like the sequential manual transmission. So first, let’s go over the different […]

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Mechanic performing an engine swap Posted in:

The Most Common & Reliable Engine Swaps

Engine swaps are common among car enthusiasts and mechanics alike. Some do it for fun and others do it because they have to, in order for their vehicle to continue its life. People decide to do an engine swap for many different reasons: To replace a broken or old car motor with an identical one […]

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A clean windshield is the first step to winterize your car Posted in:

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Weather

Every year drivers have to winterize prepare themselves and their vehicles for the cold weather. It is important to know how to winterize your car when the temperature drops. It is also important to know what car parts can fail more easily in the winter. Here are some winter car preparations and tips for winterizing […]

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How to Restore Your Car to Its Dealer Days

A Car Restoration Guide with Tips On How to Make Your Daily Driver Look Brand New Again What is it that attracts us to newer cars? Is it the technology? Could it be the car interior and upholstery? Is it an immaculate exterior without dents or scratches? Or is it the shiny new alloy wheels […]

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