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How the Semiconductor shortage is affecting the auto recycling industry.

How the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Impacts the Automotive Industry

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for your vehicle’s parts to arrive? There is one big reason for this. The looming semiconductor chip shortage. New vehicles have hardware that requires software to control many functions that would be tough to do with hardware alone. Software impacts nearly everything in your vehicle from […]

Where to buy a Used Engine

Where to Buy Used Engines Online and Not Get Scammed

There is nothing worse than when your car or truck engine stops working and there is no way to fix it. But if you follow our professional advice in this section you can walk out with a good deal and get your car running again. You might be asking yourself “what is the cost of […]

Recycling Cars – Benefits for Environment

Here at My Auto Store we take great pride in our recycling and conservation of the environment. It is important to our company to leave a happy and healthy planet for generations to come. You may be thinking: how does a recycled car parts store even help the environment? Well, we not only pull parts […]

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