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Core Returns or Used Auto Parts: Which is More Cost Effective?

After your car fails and you need a replacement part to make the repair, you want to get it back up and running without paying a fortune. But which is the most cost-effective: used auto parts or core parts?

Your first idea is to go to the dealership and look for core returns so that you can have OEM auto parts put into your vehicle. While helpful, cores are not the most cost-efficient way to get your vehicle back on the road. Also, they can be quite a hassle.

So, if you are unsure which option is right for you, it is best to know the difference between core returns and used auto parts. In this My Auto Store blog post we will help you understand the difference so that you can make a more informed decision about which part to choose.

What is a Core Charge?

When a vehicle needs an auto repair, the failed component that is replaced (by you or the dealership) is a core part. The core is sent back to the manufacturer where it is remanufactured or recycled to meet original equipment specifications. Essentially, your core is transformed into an OEM part.

The used parts are disassembled, cleaned, and all faulty or worn components are removed and replaced before reassembly.

The Pros of Core Components

  • They help promote vehicle part recycling.
  • You get your core charge deposit back when you return the recyclable components of your old part (the non-working part you are replacing).

The Cons of Core Components

  • You must find a retailer that specializes in core charges or an auto parts store that buys them.
  • You pay for the core charge deposit upfront when you purchase the part.
  • You must bring your recyclable unit back to the store where you bought the core or mail it to a particular location.
  • You often wait days or weeks to receive your deposit back and may have to call to track the status of your deposit return.

What is a Used Auto Part?

Used auto parts are exactly as they sound: they are used replacement parts that are not rebuilt or remanufactured. You’ll find used auto parts at salvage yards and used auto part retailers like My Auto Store.

Most companies selling used auto parts have cleaned the components and inspected them, but they have not remanufactured them to OEM standards. This does not mean, however, that the used part is of less quality. In fact, the cost savings, quality, and limited hassles are what make used parts more appealing than core charges.

The Pros of Used Auto Parts

  • The retailer dictates the prices of used parts; therefore, you can easily shop around until you find the price that suits your budget.
  • You do not have to go hunting for your replacement component because a good salvage yard like My Auto Store will have parts inventoried and already pulled for you.
  • You do not have to hassle with returning the core or recycled components. Just buy what you need.

The Cons of Used Auto Parts

  • Not all parts are available immediately, so you may have to wait for the particular component to come in stock.

Save the Hassle and Costs of Cores with Used Auto Parts from My Auto Store

My Auto Store offers used parts for all makes and models of vehicles, including luxury cars. You can browse through our online inventory of engines and transmissions. If you need a different used auto part contact us today and we will look through our inventory for it.

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