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Everything You Need to Know About Auto Start-Stop Systems

Start-Stop Systems: Impact on Vehicle Drivetrain 

Auto start-stop systems, also known as engine stop-start (ESS) or idle stop and go (ISG), are increasingly common in modern vehicles due to their potential for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. While beneficial in many respects, drivers often express concerns about the long-term effects on their vehicle’s drivetrain. At My Auto Store, we’ll explore whether auto start-stop systems are good for your vehicle’s drivetrain and provide insights into their operation, benefits, and potential drawbacks. 

According to a 2022 Forbes story, the average driver wastes an extra $129 in fuel costs, totaling approximately $1,325 per year. That was in 2022, and the numbers have gone up since then. You may not notice as many savings at the pump when you’re driving in the countryside or in minimal traffic. The system is designed for heavy traffic driving when you encounter many red lights, stop signs, or heavy traffic during your trips. 

According to SAE International, a leader in educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions, the largest fuel economy improvements with auto start-stop systems were around 7.3 percent for the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) city fuel economy test and 26 percent for the EPA New York City Cycle (NYCC). 

How Auto Start-Stop Systems Work 

Auto start-stop systems automatically shut down the engine when the vehicle is stationary and restart it when the driver releases the brake pedal. This technology is particularly useful in reducing fuel consumption and emissions during idle periods, such as at traffic lights or in heavy traffic. 

The Role of My Auto Store in Sustainable Practices

At My Auto Store, we are dedicated to integrating eco-friendly solutions into our operations. We specialize in salvaging vehicle deemed undriveable and conducting rigorous quality assurance tests on their components. This process ensures that only the best quality OEM parts are extracted and made available to our customers at a lower cost. These parts undergo multiple tests to guarantee their reliability and performance, providing an affordable and sustainable alternative to new parts.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability not only helps reduce waste but also provides consumers with a cost-effective solution for their automotive needs. By extending the life of auto parts through recycling, we help diminish the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new components, thus taking a crucial step toward a greener planet.

The environmental challenges we face today demand collective action. Every small step counts, and by choosing recycled auto parts, individuals and businesses can contribute to a larger movement towards sustainability. My Auto Store is proud to be a part of this journey, offering high-quality recycled auto parts that benefit both our customers and the environment.

Benefits of Auto Start-Stop Systems 

Fuel Economy: Auto start-stop systems can improve fuel economy by 3-12% in non-electric vehicles, with significant savings observed in urban driving conditions where frequent stops are common. 

Emissions Reduction: By reducing idle time, these systems help decrease the vehicle’s overall emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Reduced Engine Wear: Contrary to some beliefs, modern engines with auto start-stop systems are designed to handle frequent restarts. These systems include technological advancements that prevent premature bearing wear and ensure proper lubrication during starts, which can extend engine life by reducing the time spent idling. 

Impact on Drivetrain 

Drivetrain Durability: Modern auto start-stop systems are integrated with engines designed to withstand between 250,000 and 300,000 starts, compared to traditional engines that experience wear after about 100,000 cycles. This means that the drivetrain components, such as the crankshaft bearings, are less likely to suffer from premature wear due to frequent starts and stops. 

Starter Motor and Battery: Advanced auto start-stop systems often use enhanced starter motors and heavy-duty batteries designed to cope with the increased demand. Some systems even eliminate the need for a traditional starter motor, further reducing the risk of wear and burnout. 

Concerns and Solutions 

Turning to Intersections: Some drivers find the sudden engine shut-off disconcerting, especially in busy traffic situations. This can usually be managed by getting accustomed to the system’s operation or using the override options provided by manufacturers. 

Disabling the System: For those uncomfortable with auto start-stop technology, temporary or permanent solutions exist to disable it. These include pressing the disabled button in the vehicle, modulating brake pressure to prevent activation, or using aftermarket devices like the Auto Stop Eliminator. However, these methods can have safety implications and may affect vehicle performance. 

Practical Considerations 

Air Conditioning and Heating: The performance of the vehicle’s HVAC system during engine-off periods varies. Some systems use a robust battery to keep HVAC functions running, while others may briefly restart the engine to maintain cabin comfort. 

Savings and Efficiency: The effectiveness of auto start-stop systems is most pronounced in urban driving conditions. Drivers in rural or low-traffic areas may see less significant benefits. 


Auto start-stop systems offer clear advantages in terms of fuel economy and emissions reduction without significantly compromising drivetrain longevity. Modern vehicles are equipped to handle the demands of these systems, often benefiting from reduced idle-related engine wear. While some drivers may find the system’s operation unsettling, the benefits generally outweigh the drawbacks. However, disabling the system should be approached with caution due to potential safety and performance implications. 

At My Auto Store, we understand that like any technology, auto start-stop systems may need to be replaced over time. You can find high-quality replacements from OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and recycled automotive parts retailers, including our website. We carry auto start-stop systems for all makes and models that offer this feature at an affordable price. Visit My Auto Store for all your drivetrain and recycled automotive parts needs. 

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