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Get the Most Value for Your Used Car

It’s well known that a new car starts to depreciate in value as soon as you leave the lot you bought it from. If you’re driving an older car, you might worry about what you’ll be able to get for it when the time comes to get rid of it. Of course, you won’t get what you paid for the car, but you might be surprised by how much value an older car can hold on to. If you are looking for where to sell your used car, look no further! When you sell your used car to My Auto Store, you can be sure you’re getting the best offer possible.

When You Sell Your Car, Recycling Adds Value

It’s important to keep in mind that your car will never be worth what you bought it for, but that doesn’t mean your car, even an older model, is worthless. Our system of recycling used parts allows us to give you top dollar for any car, regardless of make, miles, or condition. We break your car down, even if the car itself isn’t valuable, and find the parts that we can work with. That means we find value in your car even if it doesn’t run anymore. There are also hidden values in the fluids in your vehicles. We can siphon out fluids that can be recycled later. We also recycle the metals that can be used again once the car is broken down further.

Service Adds Convenience

Another great value to you in selling your car to My Auto Store is that you get instant cash. When you sell us your car, there is no bartering, haggling, or trying to get you down to our price. We give you our price and pay you immediately. We’ll even pick your vehicle up if it isn’t possible for you to get it to us. And to make the process even more simple, there is an easy-to-use submission page on our website. This page allows you to conveniently send us information about the vehicle and a picture of the car you want to sell. This saves you time and makes sure we can help you get rid of your car quickly. If you are looking to purchase rather than sell a used car, check out our helpful guide.

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We try to ensure you get the most value for your used vehicle. We try to save you time and money by offering the best we can in terms of service and cash for your used cars. So, if you’re wondering how to sell your used car for the most value, contact our team today!

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