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Gift Card Promotion – August 2023

The My Auto Store Gift Card Promotion August 2023 is an exclusive promotion for ordering auto parts from our online store. The promotion is simple. Order $250 or more in auto parts & get a gift card.

Buy More, Earn More Gift Card Credit

To make this promotion even better, we’ve increased the amount you receive on the gift card for the more you buy. Credit issued on the card will increase as minimum thresholds are met.

The breakdown is as followed.

  • Spend $250 – $499 = $10 Gift Card
  • Spend $500 – $900 = $25 Gift Card
  • Spend $1000 – $1499 = $75 Gift Card
  • Spend $1500 or more = $100 Gift Card

All Online Orders Over $250 Qualify

No entry is necessary for the My Auto Store gift card promotion in August 2023, however, 2 requirements must be met to receive a gift card with your order.

  1. Order is placed online.
  2. The order total is over $250 before tax.

It’s that simple! So start searching auto parts online today by using the part search tab located in the menu.

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