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The scrap metal pile at a U-pull-it junkyard

The Hidden Dangers of You-Pull-It Junkyards

The U-pull-it junkyard, also known as a self-service auto salvage yard, is another common place for End of Life Vehicles or ELVs. Vehicles at the end of their usable life, and those that cannot be sold are sent to salvage yards where they are recycled in a number of different ways. While some end up with full-service auto dismantlers like My Auto Store, then some go to self-service junkyards that may not be equipped to properly handle the environmental risks posed by ELVs.

The U-Pull Junkyard is probably the most traditional junkyard, however, they are starting to dwindle in numbers, and this is a good thing. The classic junkyard was unmonitored & posed numerous risks to the environment as well as the community they are in. Today, more consumers are taking their vehicles to car recycling centers like My Auto Store.

A full-service auto recycler will have the proper equipment & safety protocols in place to ensure the environment is protected. Full-service auto recyclers will also dismantle, test, & clean spare parts that can be sold to consumers for auto repair or to replace components in their current vehicle for cheaper. Modern, full-service junkyards also help prevent cars from sitting and going to waste.

The Benefits of Taking Your Vehicle to a Modern Full-Service U-Pull-It Recycling Center as an Alternative

  1. Better for the Environment

You-pull-it centers are working for the environment. They are responsible, and they work to remove harmful contaminants before allowing vehicles to sit in the yard. Most, like My Auto Store, eliminate the components necessary and place them in inventory, then shred the metal of the vehicle down to be used for vehicles and other steel products in the future.

All vehicle components that cannot be sold or reused at My Auto Store are de-polluted, dismantled, and recycled. Core components recovered are then used for vehicle production in the future.

Most importantly, our decommissioning is done indoors in a controlled environment so that there is no risk to the soil or groundwater on our grounds. We also remove all harmful materials and dispose of them following strict EPA standards. Refrigerant and mercury products are removed and disposed of so that they cannot leech into groundwater or contaminate our environment.

  1. Fewer Demands on the Environment for Future Materials

When vehicles are recycled and components sold at you-pull-it facilities, there are fewer demands on the environment for future materials to construct new vehicles or parts for repairs.

Recycling steel saves energy and natural resources required to produce new steel. Recycling takes 74 percent less energy than producing new products, says Wikipedia. Also, recycling preserves 11 million tons of steel and approximately 800,000 non-ferrous metals out of salvage yards and back into consumer vehicles.

  1. Get Cash for an Unwanted, Non-Operational Vehicle

The biggest advantage of you taking your car to a you-pull-it provider like My Auto Store is that you get cash for your unwanted vehicle – even if it cannot run.

We take vehicles that are no longer operational but still have valuable components and metals that are viable for recycling and repurposing. In return, you get cash for a vehicle that you would otherwise not be able to sell to the consumer market.

In our minds, it is a win-win for everyone involved.

U-Pull-It is the Environmentally Safe Alternative to Salvage Yards

While salvage yards are there for you to pick through and find parts, they are hazardous to the health of our loved ones as well as the environment. A you-pull-it company that offers recycling and part inventory is the better route for everyone involved.

When you have a vehicle that no longer runs, do not take your car to traditional salvage yards. Instead, bring it over to My Auto Store.

Our team can provide you with a quote in as little as 24 hours online, and we will come pick up the vehicle for you if it does not run.

Fill out the online quote form to sell your vehicle to My Auto Store or check out our quality used engines and transmissions online! If you need help finding used auto parts online please fill out a form or contact one of our team members so we can check our inventory for you.

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