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How the Semiconductor shortage is affecting the auto recycling industry.

How the Semiconductor Chip Shortage Impacts the Automotive Industry

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for your vehicle’s new parts to arrive? There is one big reason for this. The looming semiconductor chip shortage. That’s why buying OEM-used auto parts from My Auto Store may be a better option.

New vehicles have hardware that requires software to control many functions that would be tough to do with hardware alone. Software impacts nearly everything in your vehicle from the GPS/touch screen to the engine’s performance. Not only is this essential for the vehicle’s performance but it’s also needed for safety. That’s how the recent chip semiconductor chip shortage impacts the automotive industry both in the near term & long term.

New and many older vehicles are equipped with semi-autonomous safety features that improve safety. Most safety features like brake assist, blind spot warning, and automatic crash alert systems require software to notify drivers. Without these life-saving features, driving would be more dangerous. Like any piece of advanced technology, it needs a crucial component like the semiconductor chip to function and for updates.

Global Supply Chain Disruption

The global supply chain has been disrupted since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID lockdowns, shifts in demand, and workforce shortages have contributed to the disruptions in the automotive industry. These bottlenecks make it challenging for both automotive manufacturers and businesses to have vehicles/parts in stock. As a result, it is taking months for consumers to receive OEM and aftermarket parts.

Since the supply chain is impacted, semiconductor chip production is also affected. Production limits the availability of chips. While the United States produces chips, it only accounts for 10% of global production. That’s a fraction compared to other advanced chip-producing countries. The top three semiconductor chip-producing countries make up 64% of global production.

CHIPS & Science Act

All three countries are outside of the US which contributes to most microchips being produced outside the US. Countless vehicles and parts rely on chips to operate. One way this challenge is being addressed is through the recently signed CHIPS and Science Act.

This piece of legislation encourages more domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing that can mitigate some of the bottlenecks holding up the production of vehicles and parts that require microchips. The CHIPS Act will alleviate some of the industry’s bottlenecks by giving a boost to domestic microchip production but it’s not a complete solution. You may still need to wait weeks or months for your new Ford F-150 or new window regulator motor to arrive which is why it’s worth checking out My Auto Store for parts.

Save Time & Money By Buying OEM-Used Auto Parts Online

To avoid waiting for new replacement parts you need quickly, like center consoles, GPS’, and MAF sensors, when you can find these right online at My Auto Store. It’s more than likely you going to find the much-needed car-part for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new OEM or aftermarket part from the dealer.

At My Auto Store, the parts are inspected, cleaned, and quality-tested to be in good condition and work like new. Each auto part purchased from our site comes with a 6-month standard warranty. By ordering them through our site, you can get free shipping, and they are usually available within a few days, compared to the long wait times for new car parts to arrive from the dealer.

How The semiconductor chip shortage impacts the automotive industry & the availability of new vehicles and auto parts for the unforeseeable future. Even as the CHIPS Act is going into effect, it’s good to have quicker and reasonably priced options to get the right auto parts to replace your blown-out engine, defective touchscreen, damaged front-facing safety camera, or any other damaged automotive part. Using websites like My Auto Store is a great way to immediately find car parts so you can get back on the road again in your car, SUV, van, or truck.

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