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Hyundai is a fast-growing South Korean car brand that is coming for the spot of most purchased cars in America next to competitors Honda & Toyota. Like their rivals, Hyundai makes reliable vehicles for the everyday driver, but at an even more affordable price point.

Are Hyundai parts expensive?

Hyundai has some of the cheapest parts on the market, & the car repair costs for their vehicles are less than the industry average. According to one study, Hyundai drivers can expect to spend $8,200 on repairs & maintenance costs in the first ten years of owning their car.

For those looking to spend less but still keep their car on the road, used auto parts and accessories are a good option, as long as they come from a reliable parts store.

Hyundai Motors

While they aren’t known for speed or luxury, these Korean-born cars & SUVs boast reliable engines that compete with the top brands. They consistently place in the top five for reliability – which makes them an attractive purchase for those who want to get from A to B without worrying about a breakdown.

That said, some models are known to have engine issues. Sonatas from 2011 & 2013 have received complaints of the engine seizing or stalling, which can be extremely dangerous for drivers & other cars on the road.

Hyundai Kona Exterior View of Auto Body Parts - Find Used Hyundai Parts at My Auto Store

Most Popular Used Hyundai Engines For Sale

  • Used Engine for 2007 Sonata
  • Used Santa Fe Engines For Sale
  • Used Elantra Engine
  • Used Tucson Engine For Sale
  • 2002 Sonata Used Engine

Hyundai Transmissions

Except for a few select models & years, Hyundai transmissions stand the test of time & deliver a smooth drive both in the city & on the highway. 2016 Tucson drivers reported higher-than-average automatic transmission failure when accelerating from a complete stop.

Even with these issues, Consumer Reports and many other reputable reviewers still recommend their vehicles as a safe bet for those who want a high-quality car that will continue to stand the test of time.

Hyundai Transmission | Used Hyundai Transmissions For Sale | Auto Parts

Top 3 Used Hyundai Transmissions

  1. Used Elantra Manual Transmission
  2. 2001 Santa Fe Used Transmission
  3. 2004 Accent Used Transmission

How do I find used car parts online?

Finding affordable used parts doesn’t have to be a headache. My Auto Store has everything you need to get your car back on the road, from used engines & transmissions to side mirrors & sun visors. Every part is stored in a climate-controlled warehouse & inspected for quality. Plus, you get free shipping & a six-month money-back guarantee to make sure you get your ride out of the garage & back on the road. Skip the salvage yard and shop quality parts from the comfort of your home!

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