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Drivers learning how to drive in snow

If you Have to Drive in Snowy Conditions, be Prepared

A huge portion of the US, including the East Coast, saw record November snowfall last week. Some long-term forecasts are calling for an extra snowy and cold winter this year. That means a good chance you’ll have to deal with some extreme winter weather this year. Not everyone gets to stay home during those snowy days, though. So, if you find yourself commuting or traveling and there’s a chance of bad weather, you’ll need to know how to drive in the snow. Here are a few tips:

If You’re Stuck in Your Car

Learning how to drive in snow can be a real problem for commuters, especially when it comes on fast and the road crews don’t have time to get ahead of it. And forecasts aren’t always accurate. For example, last week, there were major delays along the I-95 corridor and places farther west. People were stuck in their cars overnight, having to sleep in the driver’s seat. That is one of the major reasons you need to have certain things in your car if you’re going to brave the chance of snowy weather. You should be prepared to be stuck in your car. These items are a necessity: a blanket or two, some snacks or other sealed food items, some water, a book, or something else to keep yourself occupied.

If Your Car is Stuck in the Snow

You’ll also need to be ready to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Thinking you know how to drive in the snow and ice is not enough to protect your vehicle and yourself from a bad situation. Your car may slide off the road, become stuck in a snowy or icy spot, or get totally covered by an avalanche of plowed snow. This means you need to have tools to help yourself out of these situations. You’ll need a shovel for sure. You should also have a towel or mat of some kind. A towel or mat can help your vehicle get traction when the tires are sliding. Having some kitty litter will help even further with the traction problem.

Fix Any Issues ASAP

You also need to make sure your car is running well. You’ll want to make sure your battery is up to par. You’ll need a working heating system, including a defrost option. Icy conditions and cold weather can make your windshield ice up or get covered in foggy condensation. You’ll also need windshield wipers that can handle the snow and keep your windshield clear. Along with the wipers, a full reservoir of windshield washer fluid is a necessity for clearing salty spray. It’s also a great idea to have a full gas tank before heading out.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your car is running properly. That means repairs are made and faulty parts are replaced. Luckily, My Auto Store can help with this. We can help you get used parts that are guaranteed with the best warranty in the business. So, contact us today to discuss your options!

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