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LKQ Does Not Mean Aftermarket

We are going to clarify a common misconception that car owners & even some car repair shop owners have when it comes to buying a replacement part for a vehicle. LKQ auto parts are not Aftermarket parts.

Yes, these two terms are often misused, especially at small auto repair shops. Some online brands also have it backward & still call LKQ parts “Aftermarket”, but this is not surprising even when Google participates in spreading this misinformation.

When you type “What does LKQ stand for ?” Google tells you that it stands for Like Kind, Quality, which is correct, however, it proceeds to falsely explain that the most common name for LKQ parts is Aftermarket parts. And unfortunately, this is also true, because most people call LKQ parts Aftermarket parts, even though they are not the same thing.

We are going to change that today! At least for you, so you can school your friends or co-workers at the repair shop with your newly acquired knowledge.

LKQ parts are actually recycled/refurbished parts or simply, used auto parts. Technically LKQ parts are still OEM parts, the only difference is that they are not brand new & used auto parts are generally more affordable than aftermarket parts. These are the same OEM Replacement Parts sold on & other used auto parts supplier’s websites.

Aftermarket parts are replacements made by third-party manufacturers, which are not the same original equipment manufacturers that built your vehicle. This means these parts aren’t guaranteed to fit or perform the same when compared to OEM versions of the same part, however, they do have varying grades of quality.

So now you know what LKQ means & what aftermarket parts are, we are going to give you some more tips to guide you in your next OEM replacement part.


Choose OEM Parts over Aftermarket Parts

When choosing the type of part you want to use for your vehicle it all comes down to the price. is competitively priced and carries only OEM-used auto parts. By selling only OEM replacement parts we can ensure that the part is going to fit the vehicle.

Because aftermarket parts are not made by the manufacturer that built your vehicle, these usually do not have the same fit or finish as the original equipment manufacturer parts; which can affect the quality of your work, or make it more complicated and harder to install.

These flaws are most prominent on Aftermarket auto body parts which usually do not have the exact same sizes & tolerances as OEM-used auto body parts. These flaws in aftermarket parts can cause gaps in the exterior parts when installed on a vehicle. This can be a safety issue at high speeds if air gaps are large enough.

For example, An OEM hood will fit perfectly, whereas an aftermarket one will usually leave a bigger gap between the hood and the fender on one of the sides, this will look poorly on any auto body shop, or yourself when you take your awesome car to the car meet.

This may seem minor but these are only exterior parts.

If you use an aftermarket mechanical component such as a catalytic converter, you will have to make so many modifications to your exhaust system in order to install it: Making the money you saved is almost not worth it compared to the extra hours you spend installing it. Also buying a new OEM one which usually runs in the $1,000 plus range will hurt your budget.

The Benefits of OEM Parts

  • Ease of installment: OEM used auto parts require no modifications to install. This is great if you are not a professional mechanic and just want to DIY your car repair. A great resource with hundreds of car repair guides and video tutorials to help you do this is called YouCanic.
  • Maintaining value: Another benefit of OEM parts is that these will maintain your car value, unlike some aftermarket parts which usually do not come with a long warranty.

Furthermore, in some cases it will even help you not to Betray Your Old Car, or on the other hand help you sell it faster. By installing an OEM used engine or an OEM used transmission with less mileage you are extending the life of your vehicle so it can keep serving you for many more years to come.

  • Helping our planet: Finally, a bit more of a “feel good” perk is that you are helping the planet by using recycled parts. These are fully functional auto parts that could not fulfill their full life cycle.

Where Do I Get The Best OEM Used Auto Parts?

We just showed you how great OEM parts are, however, you shouldn’t buy used auto parts from just anyone.

If you buy used parts from an individual, you have no guarantee that they will not break a couple of days from installment, or will be completely functional. It is also a bit of a hassle to have to go pull it yourself from a junkyard near you.

So if you are an auto body shop looking for an auto body parts supplier,  an individual that wants to repair their own car at home, or an enthusiast looking for used engines for sale, or to swap that project car engine sitting in the garage; then My Auto Store is the place for you.

My Auto Store has the best quality OEM parts inventory on the East Coast. All our used car parts go through 4 different levels of quality control & come with a 6 months warranty. Browse through hundreds of OEM-used auto parts online at our fully mobile-optimized website, from engines to transmissions to wheels. My Auto Store has it all.

Now don’t waste time and check out our used engines and transmissions online! If you think of something you have been looking for in your own car, or that your client needs, we can help with that too. Give our team a call, when you Contact Us, one of our parts experts will do everything they can to get you the car part you need.

Go, spread the knowledge! And look no further now that you have the best resource to get the most affordable and high-quality OEM-used auto parts in the market! Every part, Every time.

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