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My Auto Store is a high-volume seller of OEM recycled Nissan used parts. Use our part search tool to find the parts you need. This page is for more information about some of the common replacement parts needed for Nissan cars & trucks.

Nissan Motor Co. is Japan’s second-largest vehicle manufacturer & has remained in demand with American drivers since they were introduced in the late 1950s. While they are known for transmission problems, they have managed to maintain their reputation as a reliable, stylish, & inexpensive ride.

In addition to their popular sports cars like the 350Z & GT-R, they are also highly regarded for their lineup of SUVs & trucks such as the Murano, Pathfinder, & Frontier. If you’re in the market for high-quality Nissan used parts, you’ve come to the right place.

Are Nissan parts expensive?

The cost to fix a Nissan is below the industry average. You can expect to spend about $7,600 on car repairs, vehicle service, & car maintenance during the first ten years on the road.

Even though their parts are cheaper than most, fixing your Nissan can still be expensive. Used Nissan parts can save you money on repair costs, especially in comparison to new parts from the dealership.


The manufacturer is known for building great engines for many applications, from high-performance sports motors to fuel-efficient hybrid & electric options. Problems with their engines are rare, & they are reported to last as long as 300,000 miles if well-maintained.

Nissan Engines For Sale Online. My Auto Store is an online salvage yard that sells used Nissan engines with free shipping.

Most Popular Used Nissan Engines Near Me

  • 2008 Sentra Used Engine For Sale
  • 2003 Maxima Used Engine
  • 2007 Altima Used Engine
  • Used 2003 Altima Engine
  • 2005 Murano Used Engine


If Nissan has one shortcoming, it’s transmission problems. While the rest of their components are generally reliable, Nissan’s transmission issues have been driving customers away since the brand was purchased by Renault in the early 2000s.

Unfortunately, when they switched from regular automatic transmissions to CVT (continuously variable transmissions), the problems continued. The number one offender was the 2013 Altima, but many cars in their lineup are known for slipping & jerking when changing gears, sometimes leading to complete transmission failure.

The company has issued warranty extensions for many of these model years, but those who own older or high-mileage Nissans may be out of luck unless they find a used transmission for sale.

Nissan with Automatic Transmission. My Auto Store has a large inventory of used transmissions for Nissan in stock online.

Top Used Nissan Transmissions For Sale

  • 2002 Xterra Used Transmission
  • Used Transmission For 2005 Pathfinder
  • Used Transmission For 2010 Altima
  • 2007 Xterra Used Transmission
  • 2005 Quest Transmission Used

Where can I find used parts online?

If you are looking for used Nissan parts for sale, look no further. My Auto Store has hundreds of used engines, transmissions, & more for both older and newer models. And, every auto part in our inventory is inspected for quality & comes with a 6-month warranty. Skip the salvage yard & browse My Auto Store’s inventory today!

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