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Parts Make the Whole: The Value of Used Auto Parts

There are very few complete things not made of parts. Your car is one of the many items in your life that is the sum of its parts. Without wheels, your car would be useless. Without an engine, your car wouldn’t run. The great thing about your car is that these parts are usually easy to replace, meaning you won’t often have to replace your entire car when a part goes bad. But even parts can be expensive. So, when you need to replace something, used auto parts can make a huge difference. Used car parts serve other purposes outside of making your car run, too.

Affordable Repairs

Used auto parts for your car repair can save you money, first and foremost. When you buy brand-new car parts, you’re paying more for their newness. You can get a working reliable part for much less. This lets you make necessary repairs without breaking the bank. So, one part of the whole purpose of used car parts is their ability to replace whatever might be broken in your car and save you money in the process.

Environmental Impact

Another important aspect of used car parts is that they help the environment. Vehicle recyclers are the modern junk yards. The cars that are sold to auto recyclers are inspected, dismantled, and the parts reused as much as possible. Then whatever cannot be reused is rendered down and disposed of properly. Buying used auto parts means there are fewer cars going to the landfill, serving no purpose. It also means vehicle recyclers are able to keep doing business and recycling these cars. Junkyards that aren’t licensed auto recyclers are an issue for the environment and it is important that we continue to reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep our planet healthy!

Money in Your Pocket

Used auto parts can also put money in your pocket directly. One really rewarding part of used parts is that they make your old car more valuable. So, when you go to sell your used car, even if it hasn’t run in years, there is a lot of value there for a vehicle recycler. This allows used auto part stores, like My Auto Store, to pay your more for your old car. Used parts can literally make you money.


There is a lot of value in the whole of used auto parts. And most of that value is transferred to you, the customer. So, if you need a used motor or transmission check out the My Auto Store used auto parts inventory online! If you need any other used auto parts for repairs, or you’re looking to sell your car for a good price, My Auto Store is still here to help. Contact our team today!

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