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My Auto Store partners with Clean Culture, providing top-quality auto parts. Together, we support and enhance the vibrant automotive community.

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My Auto Store's Relationship with Clean Culture

My Auto Store is proud to partner with Clean Culture, a fast-growing automotive event organization that spans over 25 states in the U.S. and Japan. Clean Culture’s events are renowned for attracting automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life, featuring hundreds to thousands of vehicles in spectacular showcases. Each event is a thrilling experience, offering a variety of activities such as drifting exhibitions, style box (burnout) competitions, ride-alongs, RC race tracks, vendor booths, live performances, and more.

Through this dynamic partnership, My Auto Store supports Clean Culture’s mission to unite car enthusiasts and provide unforgettable experiences. Together, we enhance the automotive community by promoting innovation, style, and passion for all things automotive. Our collaboration allows us to engage directly with car lovers, showcase our products, and contribute to the excitement and success of each Clean Culture event.

As part of our commitment to the Clean Culture community, My Auto Store offers special pricing on specific auto parts for vehicles participating in Clean Culture events that display a My Auto Store sticker or any My Auto Store apparel. This exclusive offer is our way of recognizing and rewarding loyal customers who share our passion for automotive excellence.

As Clean Culture continues to expand and captivate audiences across the globe, My Auto Store remains dedicated to supporting their journey and fostering a vibrant, connected automotive culture.

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