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A manual rear window regulator with a hand crank has become a thing of the past. Now, we see more and more cars with power window regulators. The window regulator is what creates the movement of the window glass. This movement is controlled by the window switch, this connects to the window motor inside of the door panel, and the motor connects to the regulator.

Some regulators are created with cables, while others have a gear-drive. The motor and regulator can be one component, so if one of these parts is malfunctioning, the whole assembly needs to be replaced. Other times they are able to be replaced separately.

Common problems seen with these motors can be the car window falling inside of the door or odd noises when moving the window. Also, if your window is crooked, will not remain closed, or moves slowly it could be due to a faulty window regulator assembly. Front window regulators also experience these issues.

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