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Radiator Core Support

The radiator core support holds the cooling system of your car in place, this way it won’t bounce around and become damaged during your drive. This system contains the radiator and with the use of a water pump, the engine can remain at a safe temperature from the coolant being pumped through it.

If you do not replace this part when it breaks, your radiator could become extremely damaged from hitting other items under the hood. This could lead to other auto parts becoming damaged and would be an expensive fix. Not to mention the engine could over heat easily and this can harm your engine performance.

Accidents and general wear and tear could be two big factors as to why your radiator core support needs to be replaced. Luckily, My Auto Store has the part you need for your exact vehicle! We offer two day free shipping and a 6 month warranty on all our OEM products.

If you have any trouble finding the item that fits your needs then please give us a call at 1-888-900-1545 or send us a note on our  Contact Form.

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