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Throttle Body Assembly

The throttle body assembly regulates the engine’s power and speed in fuel injected motors. It does this by controlling the airflow going into the engine. When a driver presses the accelerator pedal, a throttle plate inside the assembly, which is a butterfly valve, opens up. This increases the flow of air into the intake manifold. The fuel injectors then add more gas to match the volume of air in the combustion chamber.

This auto part and its body parts, such as the position sensor, are located between the air filter and the intake. In most modern cars the throttle control connects to the gas pedal electronically through the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU commands the motor assembly to control the amount of air flow that goes into the engine when it senses a change in pressure on the gas pedal.

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If you have any questions or need additional help finding the best OEM used throttle body parts for your vehicle please call us at 1-888-900-1545 or contact us through our Contact Form.

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