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Throttle Body Assembly

The throttle body, as the name suggests, regulates the engine’s power and speed in fuel injected motors. It does this by controlling the airflow going into the engine. When a driver presses the accelerator pedal, the throttle plate, which is a butterfly valve inside the throttle body assembly, opens up. This increases the amount of air flow going into the intake manifold. The fuel injectors then add more gas to match the volume of air in the combustion chamber.

The throttle body unit and the throttle body parts, such as the throttle position sensor, are located between the air filter and the intake. In most modern cars the throttle control connects to the gas pedal electronically through the engine control unit – ECU. The ECU commands the throttle body motor assembly to control the amount of air that goes into the engine when it senses a change in pressure on the gas pedal.

Now that you are aware of what the throttle body does and how it works, you might be asking “Where can a find a used throttle body for sale near me?” My Auto Store is the answer. We have all types of car throttle body replacements for hundreds of different brands and models.

Buying a used throttle body from My Auto Store means you will receive the full assembly with all the throttle body parts your vehicle needs sent straight to your home along with free shipping. We ship all of our auto parts in less than two days so you can have your car engine idle and running right away.

We only sell used OEM auto parts of the best quality. This is because all of our used auto parts online go through a 4 Stage Quality Control System before they are placed in our inventory. We are able to process thousands of original parts thanks to our revolutionary reverse assembly lines and our state of the art facilities.

In addition, we provide a 6 month warranty on all our used auto parts: so you can enjoy peace of mind when making a purchase. Our experts test and clean the throttle body before adding it to our online inventory. So you don’t ever have to go back to a junkyard or get an aftermarket part to replace your car’s throttle body assembly.

Do not buy a throttle body for sale from a dealer, as you might not find an affordable option for such a common part, also an aftermarket option may require modifications, even if fits your car. Save time and money by buying it at My Auto Store’s online auto parts store.

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