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Dash Panel

The car dashboard is typically one piece that covers the plastic brackets that house the air vents, GPS and switches that control features such as climate control, tire pressure, the temperature gauge and the fuel gauge. The dash panel is typically a soft material covered with flexible plastic or in some luxury vehicles materials such as leather.

The first reason a car dash might need to be replaced is due to the passenger airbag location behind the dash. When the car is involved in a fender bender that causes the airbag to inflate, the instrument panel is damaged. When the car is repaired after a crash this part must be replaced along with the air bag in order to pass inspection.

The second reason damage occurs is due to environmental damage. The number one enemy of plastic pieces on a car is sun and heat. This area of a car is exposed to constant sun and temperature changes throughout its life. The UVA and UVB damage causes the plastic to become brittle. Once this occurs there is no way to reverse the sun damage. When the car dashboard becomes brittle, cracks will occur.

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