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Recycling Cars – Benefits for Environment

Here at My Auto Store, we take great pride in our auto recycling and conservation of the environment. It is important to our company to leave a happy and healthy planet for generations to come. You may be thinking: how does a recycled car parts store even help the environment? Well, we not only pull parts off of cars customers bring in to us but we also scrap parts of the car that are not My Auto Store quality. This means the car parts that are damaged, do not work properly, are too old, or do not meet our expectations of what we should be selling to our customers are recycled for scrap metal.

My Auto Store’s parent company known as Eastern Metal Recycling (EMR), is a scrap business with multiple scrap yards located all over the world. This is where other aspects of the scrap business come into play, meaning we also take other types of scrap, not just cars. We scrap metal from old buildings, other types of vehicles, machines, houses, appliances, and much more. Believe it or not, My Auto Store is actually a small cog in a very large machine.

We are a source for people to drop off scrap that they might otherwise leave lying around, collecting dust. Let’s explore the process behind the scrap metal business and then we can zone in on what role My Auto Store plays in our company as a whole.

Our Scrap Process

Our scrapping machine scrapping parts in the scrap yard

It all begins with a “shredder.” Shredder is a machine that grinds up all different types of materials. It separates it into two piles, ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous is a metal that is magnetic, while non-ferrous is not. Before the shredder processes the material, it consists of items such as light iron, appliances, assorted steel, cars, etc.

The two piles that come out of the shredder are known as Zorba 10 and Shredded Steel Product. The Zorba 10 is further processed by another separation system which pulls out non-ferrous metals (such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, etc.), and any remaining ferrous that the shredder did not catch.

We also purchase steel that is large, that we would have to shear or burn to cut it down to a specific size. Before we shear or burn the material, it is known as unprepared material, but once it is prepared, it is ready for shipment to the customer. These customers then melt down the material for building new items and that is how metal recycling works! If you want to get more information on how the scrap metal business functions, check out this infographic and article.

How We Recycle Cars

Used Auto Parts ready for sale in our warehouse

Now that we have seen the scrap process as a whole, let’s zone in on what My Auto Store knows best, the cars! When we receive a car, from any yard, we send it to our dismantling facility. This car recycling center is where all our cars reach their final resting place. Here, we part out the cars, meaning they are stripped of any used auto parts that are My Auto Store quality. The recycled car parts that we think will meet our standards go through a 4 Stage Quality Control full-time system before they are placed in our inventory. We are able to process thousands of original parts thanks to our revolutionary reverse assembly lines and our state-of-the-art facilities.

As a whole our company purchases 4,000 to 5,000 cars a month, when the cars are finished being parted out, we pull other metals from them that cannot be resold for parts. The rotors, steel, batteries, wheels, catalytic converters, and radiators are included in some of the other items pulled off of cars for scrap. Everything left over on the vehicle is sent through the shredder to be processed. All the cars we receive are greened, meaning they have all the liquid taken out of them and properly disposed of.

How You Can Help

Once our recycled car parts are tested and placed in our inventory, that’s where you come in! Without customers, our used parts business could not thrive. Our customers not only buy our products but they are the source of our products as well. You can recycle your car and sell it to us and we will give you cash in return! But don’t forget, we need a valid title. This also goes for regular scrap that you want to bring to one of the scrap yards. You can check out the multiple locations we have scrap yards.

used auto parts on the shelf at My Auto Store, ready to be sold from our warehouse

If you need recycled car parts, you are still in the right place! Whether you need a used engine or a car stereo, this auto parts store has what you need. Recycle your materials, so they don’t sit in a landfill, your basement/garage, or the side of the road somewhere. This is how it used to be back in the day but now we have the resources to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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