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5 Reasons Why You NEED to Sell Your Car to an Auto Recycler

Auto recycling is your way to put a positive impact on the environment. If you think about it, your old vehicle (running or not), is rich in materials that could easily be melted down and reused for other purposes. There are also plenty of used auto parts with plenty of life left on them.

Each year, an estimated 10 million vehicles are disposed of in the country. However, 95 percent of those disposed of vehicles are sent to recycling facilities, and 75 percent of the auto parts from those vehicles are completely recycled — ensuring vehicles do not impact our environment long after they are no longer usable.

For your old vehicle, skip the junkyard and embrace the idea of selling your car to an auto recycler like My Auto Store & get cash for your unwanted vehicle.

Five Reasons to Sell Your Car to Auto Recyclers Over Junk Yard Disposal

1. Recycling Steel Saves Energy and Natural Resources

There is one component on your vehicle that is always in high demand: steel.

By recycling steel, you are saving natural resources, which can in turn supply power to 18 million homes per year, annually, based on the number of vehicles recycled. Also, recycling steel takes 74 percent less energy than making it.

So, by recycling your old vehicle, you are saving energy, providing more power to homes, and preserving natural resources.

2. You Free Up Space on Your Property

You have an old vehicle that is parked in your driveway. It does not run, it is covered with a tarp, and you would love to see a brand-new boat there versus a vehicle you cannot use or sell.

You can free up space on your property for your new vehicle or just get rid of old cars and sell them to a recycler instead.

3. You Get Cash in Hand for an Old Vehicle — Even One that Does Not Run

When a vehicle no longer runs, it is not something you can sell privately to other consumers. However, auto recyclers do not care if the car runs or not. Auto recyclers like My Auto Store can even pick up your car when you sell it to us because we will reuse and recycle the components; not drive it.

Then, you get cash for a vehicle that would have otherwise sat unsold in your driveway.

4. It is Easy to Sell Your Car to a Recycler

To sell your car to a recycler is easy & can be done online at My Auto Store with our Sell Your Car form. Simply fill out a simple form to tell us about your vehicle’s make, model, VIN, mileage, and year.

Uploading a photograph of the vehicle can help get you more for your offer, as well as speed up the quoting process. Our team will get generally get back to you almost immediately with a quote, & within 24 hours if during non-business hours.

We take all makes models, and any mileage. You can drive the vehicle to us, or we will send out our team to retrieve it.

5. Some Auto Parts Are Working and Useable for Others

While the vehicle may not start that does not mean your car has no suitable working components. In fact, there are many car parts on your car that can be cleaned and sold to others as replacement components. By allowing others to purchase these used car parts, you are helping to reduce the impact on the environment for manufacturers to create original equipment manufacturer car parts, this is why you should recycle your car!

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