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Coolant Reservoir Tank

The coolant overflow tank is attached by hoses to the radiator. When the radiator heats up the antifreeze, it passes the excess fluids into the coolant recovery tank. This liquid is stored here until it is ready to be used by the cooling system. A pressure tester can be used to test for leaks in the radiator hoses/coolant hose or a blown head gasket. If the intake manifold gasket goes bad, liquid will run down the sides of the engine block, this could damage the engine assembly.

You may also want to check your heater core, located on the passenger side of the car; a faulty one could also create low levels of fluid. Slow coolant reservoir leaks can cause overheating and you will most likely see white smoke coming from the hood. This could ruin the cylinder heads and those car repairs will be pricey.

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