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Panel de Instrumentos

Panel de Instrumentos

This auto part is a collection of gauges, LCD screens and indicator lights that report the activity of the car. Many refer to this as the “speedometer” but the speedometer, which measures the car speed, is only one function that a typical instrument cluster includes. They also include:

Tacómetro: El tacómetro muestra las revoluciones (RPM) del motor

Amperímetro: Muestra la corriente cargando el sistema electrico

Medidor de Presión del Aceite: Muestra la presión del aceite cuando el motor esta encendidio.

Medidor de la Temperatura del refrigerante: Esta indica si el motor esta operando a un rango de temperatura normal.

On modern day cars, digital instrument clusters also have the ability to display additional information such as lane departure, blind spot warning, error codes, check engine lights, and GPS information just to name a few. So, an instrument cluster repair can become costly with these new features, it makes more sense to replace the entire part altogether.

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