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The transmission shifters comes in many forms and has different locations in a vehicle. It has been seen on the side of the steering wheel, attached to the steering column. Now, it is mostly seen in the area where the center console is located, next to the parking brake. More recently, you can switch gears by simply pushing buttons. Gear shifts are found in two different types of vehicles, automatic and manual.

An automatic transmission shifter assembly’s shift lever, more commonly known as a gear selector, has a shift knob on it. This allows you to determine the power and torque is sent to the wheels from the engine. It is used to move into different gears, the most common ones we know are P, R, N, & D. They come with other gears such as 1, 2, 3, L, or S, depending on the model you have.

We only sell OEM products of the best quality; this is because all of our used auto parts go through a 4 Stage Quality Control system before they are placed in our inventory. In addition, we provide a 6 month warranty on all store products, not to mention free, two day shipping. Browse through our online inventory and see how much money you will save. My Auto Store’s quality used auto parts include: manual transmission and column shifters.

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