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Story of a Part

Each and every part you order from My Auto Store has a unique story to tell: Where it came from, where it has been, and what adventures it has seen – and we are committed to delivering you these high quality used parts at a fraction of the cost.

Let us take you through the full Story of a Part at My Auto Store.


Each car donated to My Auto Store undergoes a thorough pre-donation inspection at our state of the art Triage Facility. The car is given a complete visual inspection and a meticulous engine check to ensure parts of the highest quality. This is also where the initial photos of the cars are taken.


2Part Inspection

Part Inspection

In the next step of our four-step quality control process, the car is then given a full inspection to assess the quality of the individual parts. Every single nook and cranny is painstakingly examined to determine the quality of each part, from drivetrain to suspension, body to interior. This is done to deliver the quality assurance you deserve. Every part we sell comes with a six month warranty, returns are accepted at any mileage within six months of purchase.

Toxicity Extraction

In an effort to be a truly green and environmentally friendly business, our dedicated team of qualified mechanics extracts all toxic and hazardous fluids and disposes of them following the strictest of EPA regulations and requirements. Our eco-friendly approach ensures you are getting the parts you need while reducing our carbon footprint.

3Toxicity Extraction

4Part Extraction

Part Extraction

Parts that pass our stringent quality assurance requirements are extracted from the car. During this process, vehicles are fully dismantled, and the parts are then reinspected, and quality assurance tested on an individual basis.

Part Cleaning

Once we have determined that the part meets our stringent quality assurance standards, it is fully cleaned.

5Part Cleaning



When a part is removed, instead of storing it outside and exposing it outside elements we ensure part quality by storing it in a temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse.

Metal Shredding

Sure, it might sound like what your favorite guitar player does during a hard rock concert, but our metal shredding process is just a little different. Once each viable part from the vehicle has been extracted, the rest of the car is shredded and recycled. The result is an eco-friendly, cost effective, and efficient solution.

7Metal Shredding

8Customer Ordering

Customer Ordering

This is where you come in! Once you find the part you need and place your order, My Auto Store will hand pick the desired part and give it one final inspection.


After the part has passed the final inspection, our team will carefully package your part and send them on their way to you. For larger parts that simply don’t fit in a box, depending on your location we will send them with one of our trucks, or freight them with a third party on specially designed pallets.


10Order Complete

Order Complete

After all of these steps, your part is finally delivered safely, efficiently, and quickly to your doorstep. Our zero-hassle promise means you will get the highest quality used part – every time. This might be where this auto part’s story ends with us, but it is just the beginning for you, and we work hard to ensure your story will go on for years to come.

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