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Tools You Need to Keep in Your Vehicle

Some people keep a lot of stuff in their car. Everyone has a friend that looks like they live out of their automobile. This is, of course, not ideal for most people. So, it is important to know what tools to keep in your car. Some of these tools you need will help you with everyday situations and some will keep you prepared for almost anything that comes your way.

Here are some tools that are absolutely necessary for your vehicle:

A Multitool or a Small Screwdriver Set and Plyers

When it comes to tools, a multi-tool is a great option for your vehicle. Usually, these devices combine pliers, screwdrivers, saws, knives, and other tools like can openers. You can get these tools separately too. These can help you with simple things like changing the circuit breakers in your car or even cutting yourself out of your seatbelt or smashing a window in an emergency.

Tire Iron, Jack, and a Spare Tire

These tools are almost standard with a vehicle. Invest in a good spare tire, riding around on a donut is a bad idea. And if you don’t know how to change a tire, learn ASAP.

Jumper Cables

Another tool that almost everyone has. If you don’t have jumper cables, get some. You never know when you might wind up with a dead battery, especially in the winter months.

Here are the tools that will ensure that you’re prepared for anything:

A Light

A good light will always come in handy. A light can be used to find a mechanical problem in the dark or even flag down a vehicle.

Food and Water

Having some food and water in your car is a good idea. Keeping freeze-dried meals in your trunk may not be necessary, but having some crackers can’t hurt. Even if you’re just on the way home from work and find your stomach rumbling, having something to snack on in your car is a good idea. Some water isn’t a bad idea either. These may even come in handy in the event of a radiator leak.

A Blanket and a Jacket

If it gets cold and you can’t start your car, you’ll want to keep warm. Keeping a blanket in your car is great for an emergency. Having a spare jacket is also smart for an emergency, or even if you just forgot yours.


If you get stranded somewhere, you may not have the option of stopping at an ATM. Make sure you have a bit of cash in your car. Keeping something between 10 to 20 dollars is a good idea.

If your vehicle gets stuck out on the road, you need to be prepared. Make sure you’re prepared for the repairs too. My Auto Store will make sure you get reasonably priced used parts that are inspected and warrantied. That means you get working parts that can get your car back on the road. Browse our large inventory of OEM transmissions and motors online now! If you need any other replacement parts contact our team today!

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