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Cadillac has been the icon of American luxury for over a hundred years, & a pioneering brand in the era of early automobiles. More recently the brand has earned a following for performance features and technology while maintaining the luxury & comfort of its earlier models.

When it comes to reliability ratings, Cadillac has had its fair share of ups & downs over the years. However, the company has made some changes to fix these issues & newer models are on par with German luxury competitors like BMW, Mercedes Benz, & Audi. Even though they’re expensive to maintain, Cadillac continues to remain popular with buyers in both American & overseas markets.

Are Cadillac parts expensive?

Yes, Cadillac has the most expensive parts of any American car brand, although they are still cheaper than German competitors. Repairs & maintenance will run you about $12,500 in the first ten years of ownership. The SRX, for example, even made the Consumer Reports list of the most expensive cars to maintain and repair.

The good news is there are plenty of used parts available, so you don’t have to spend full price to fix your car. Annual maintenance costs add up quickly, so make sure you shop around for the best deal on parts and labor.

Does Cadillac make durable engines?

Cadillac has maintained a good reputation for high-performance & dependable engines since it was founded in 1902. The most common problem with Cadillac engines today tends to be high oil consumption. This, combined with delayed alerts from the control center causes overheating issues, and eventually engine damage.

When did Cadillac stop using the Northstar engine?

General Motors stopped producing the Northstar engine in 2011. Since then, Cadillacs are equipped with GM’s standard small-block engines. Northstar engines are generally reliable, although they are known to have head gasket issues.

Diagram of a Cadillac Engine - Used Cadillac Engines

Top 5 Used Cadillac Engines

  1. Used Escalade Engines For Sale
  2. 2000 Deville Used Engine
  3. 2003 CTS Used Engine
  4. Used 2008 CTS Engine
  5. Used 2010 SRX Engine

Does Cadillac make reliable transmissions?

Except for a few recalls over the years, their transmissions have a good track record. But like any auto part, their transmissions don’t last forever. The number one problem reported by Cadillac owners was rough shifting, & sometimes skipping of gears when accelerating. Most of these issues are specific to automatic transmissions.

Cadillac CTS - Used Cadillac Parts

Best Selling Used Cadillac Transmissions

  • Used Deville Transmission
  • Used Cadillac CTS Manual Transmission
  • Used 2007 Escalade Transmission
  • Used 2004 CTS Transmission
  • Used 2002 Escalade Transmission

Where can I shop for used parts online?

Finding affordable used parts online can be challenging, especially with luxury car brands like Cadillac. Luckily, you don’t have to go to a salvage yard to get a good deal on parts. You can score a great deal if you shop smart & stick with auto parts stores that have years in the business and thousands of repeat customers.

At My Auto Store, every single part is tested to ensure quality & guaranteed for six months after purchase. Rest assured that your used parts will stand up to the wear & tear of the road for years to come.

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