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Probably best known for producing the first mass-market vehicle, Ford cars and trucks are still an icon of American car culture. Today they are known for durable trucks, spacious SUVs and of course, the high-performance Ford Mustang.

Even though Fords have earned somewhat of a bad reputation in years past, they now score well in reliability ratings. Some models have even scored 5/5, making them some of the most reliable cars in their category. Overall, the brand is considered more reliable than other American-made cars, but they still fall short compared to Japanese competitors like Honda, Toyota and Nissan. If you’re looking for used Ford parts, you’ve come to the right place.

Are Ford car parts expensive?

Ford ranks #13 out of 30 brands when it comes to repair costs. Drivers who purchased a Ford can expect to spend about $9,100 on average annual repairs in the vehicle’s first ten years on the road.

New parts for a Ford aren’t cheap, but they won’t cost you a fortune like some luxury brands. Those looking to save money should check out used Ford parts before making any serious repairs on their car, truck or SUV.

Ford Engines

With only a few exceptions, Ford cars and trucks are equipped with durable, quality engines that last longer than other American brands. Except for a few spark plug issues in the 2002 F-150, Ford has been able to maintain its reputation for long-lasting power under the hood.

Ford Mustang Engine Under Hood

Most Popular Used Ford Engines for Sale

  • Used Ford V8 Engines For Sale
  • Used 4.6 Ford Engine
  • Used Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Engine For Sale
  • Used Ford Focus ST Engines For Sale
  • Used Ford Ranger Engine

Should I buy a rebuilt Ford engine or a used one?

If you need to replace the engine in your Ford, there are three different types of engines you can use.

  1. New Engine (most expensive)
  2. Rebuilt Engine
  3. Used Engine (least expensive)

Rebuilt engines are those that were broken but are then fixed by a technician. When mechanics rebuild engines, they pull out the engine, clean and inspect its parts and replace anything that is broken. Putting a rebuilt engine back in your car is the best option if you have a newer car with engine problems.

Used engines come from end-of-life vehicles that still have working parts. Used parts can be risky if they aren’t inspected before they are sold, but quality used auto stores will always stand by the quality of their parts.

Ford Transmissions

The most common problem with Fords center around their transmissions. The issues include jerking, abrupt shifting and slipping out of gear. Ford Explorers made between 2002 and 2006 caused the most transmission problems, but there were also tons of complaints about Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmissions, found in F-150, Expedition and Mustang.

Ford Transmission Shift Knob Used in Mustang

Top Used Ford Transmissions

  • 2003 Ford Windstar Used Transmission
  • Used Ford Focus Transmission
  • Used Ford T5 Transmission For Sale
  • Used Ford T56 Transmission For Sale
  • Used Ford Taurus Transmissions For Sale

What is the best place to find used Ford car parts online?

Instead of searching the internet for “used Ford parts near me” and hoping for the best, try browsing My Auto Store’s massive selection of quality used parts. Whether you’re looking for a replacement headlight or a used Ford engine for sale, you have come to the right place.

All Ford used auto parts from My Auto Store are checked for quality and backed by a six-month warranty so you can keep your car running for years to come. You don’t have to run to a salvage yard to find the right spare parts, shop today!

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