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Honda is synonymous with reliability & economy due to its well-built, fuel-efficient vehicles. With sedans, crossovers, trucks, & even electric cars, they truly have something for everyone from the racing enthusiast to the daily driver.

One great feature besides their quality is their low maintenance costs. Whether you’re bringing it to the dealer or fixing it yourself with used Honda parts, you’ll spend less getting your car back on the road. My Auto Store has all the OEM replacement auto parts you need.

Why are Honda parts so expensive?

While fixing your Honda can get expensive, their parts, in general, are not overpriced. According to a study of 30 major car brands, they were the fourth cheapest when it comes to auto repair costs & car maintenance.

If you’re looking to fix your car for less money,

  • Get an estimate at multiple repair shops to make sure you aren’t being overcharged
  • Compare the price of parts to what is available online
  • Consider fixing your car with used parts

Honda Motors

Honda’s reputation for reliability starts with the heart of its cars: the engine. Their engines are well-known for their durability, sometimes reaching as high as 300,000 miles when properly maintained. Because they are built to last, quality used Honda engines for sale with low mileage are a fantastic deal.

When it comes to manufacturing engines, they simply don’t cut corners where other manufacturers do. Their engine components are made from higher-quality metal & meticulously tested before they leave the factory. This commitment to going above & beyond has earned them a lasting reputation for producing affordable, high-quality cars, crossovers & trucks.

classic honda engine - find used Honda engines online at My Auto Store

Most Popular Used Honda Engines

  • 1995 Honda Civic Used Engine
  • 2000 Civic Used Engine
  • 2006 Odyssey Used Engine For Sale
  • 2006 Accord Used Engine
  • Used Honda Prelude Engine

Honda Transmissions

Hondas run into more transmission problems than anything else. While most of their cars come with long-lasting transmissions, there are a few exceptions. Civics made in 2001 and 2002 and Accords from 2003 are notorious for transmission failure right around the 100,000-mile mark. Despite these issues, the company has maintained its reputation for making reliable cars.

Interior of Honda with Automatic Transmission - Used Honda Transmission

Top Used Transmissions for Hondas

  • 2002 Civic Used Transmission
  • Used Prelude Transmission
  • 2001 Civic Used Transmission
  • 2004 Pilot Used Transmission
  • 2001 Passport Used Transmission

Where can I find used Honda parts near me?

There are many places where you can buy used auto parts, but why waste your time or money at salvage yards when you can save by shopping online? My Auto Store has a massive selection of used engines, transmissions, & OEM replacement parts in stock & ready to be shipped. Every part comes with a 6-month warranty that guarantees you’ll get exactly what you need – a reliable part at a fraction of the cost.

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