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What started as a military vehicle designed during WWII quickly became an American icon & an enduring part of American car culture. Jeep Motors, especially the Wrangler, has developed a cult following & is cherished for its durability, utility, & flexibility.

In the years following WWII, Jeep expanded into the consumer market & added other successful models to its lineup, like the Grand Cherokee, Liberty, & Renegade, but the classic Wrangler remains the symbol of American ingenuity.

Are Jeep parts expensive?

Even though they are almost always larger 4-wheel drive vehicles, their parts cost below the national average maintenance cost for car companies. Enthusiasts will spend an average of $8,300 on repairs and maintenance costs in the first decade of ownership.

To offset the cost of a Jeep, many owners fix their vehicles with used parts rather than buying brand-new parts.

Jeep Engines

Jeep has used many different types of engines for its vehicles over the years with mixed results. The 4.0 engine, manufactured by AMC from the early 80s until 2006, is considered one of the most reliable motors of all time. On the other hand, the 3.7L engine that was used in the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, & Liberty is known for defective valve seats & buildup of engine sludge. Throughout the years, the company made several diesel engines, but most take standard unleaded gasoline.

Jeep Wrangler with Hood Up

Most Popular Used Jeep Engines Near Me

The top 5 most popular Jeep engines for sale are:

  • Used 4.0 Engine For Sale
  • 2002 Liberty 3.7 Used Engine For Sale
  • Used Liberty Engine
  • 2002 Grand Cherokee Used Engine
  • Used Wrangler Engine For Sale

Jeep Transmissions

While their vehicles earned a reputation for being rugged and durable utility vehicles in the early days, modern versions seem to be plagued with transmission problems. For example, 2015 Cherokees tend to experience rough transitions & kicking when the vehicle climbs into the next gear. Vehicles with manual transmissions were not affected by these issues nearly as often.

If you’re experiencing jerking or rough shifting when you drive, you should get it fixed immediately. Used transmissions can help you bring down the cost of your repairs while still using high-quality, genuine parts made by the manufacturer.

Jeep SUV in the Snow

Top Used Jeep Transmissions

  • Used Patriot Transmission
  • Used Cherokee Transmission
  • 2000 Grand Cherokee Used Transmission
  • Used AX15 Transmission
  • Used Automatic Transmission

Where can I find used parts for sale?

Jeep owners are proud of their vehicles & try to keep them running for as long as possible. But, finding quality used Jeep parts for sale online can be difficult, especially when you can’t see the part for yourself.

Instead of trusting private sellers or salvage yards, trust My Auto Store’s inventory of auto parts that are quality tested, guaranteed with a 6-month warranty, & shipped to you free of charge. Whether you’re driving across town or through rugged terrain, your ride deserves the best.

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