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Lexus is the perfect combination of safety, luxury & reliability. First appearing in America in the 1980s, it quickly became one of the most awarded luxury vehicle brands in America. Just like Toyotas, which are made by the same company, their cars, & SUVs are meant to last for a long time with very little maintenance.

The cost to own a Lexus is significantly lower than other luxury car brands. Not only do they get better gas mileage, but their replacement parts are affordable. Even though they are one of the most reliable auto brands in the United States, their auto parts do break eventually. If you are looking for used parts, you’re in the right place.

Are Lexus parts expensive?

The cost of owning a Lexus is significantly less than other luxury brands, including repair costs and spare parts. In fact, the only two brands that had cheaper maintenance costs were their parent company Toyota, & Scion (a now-defunct brand under the Toyota Motor Corporation umbrella).

Even though their cars are less expensive to maintain than other brands, owners can save even more by repairing their cars with quality used parts instead.

Lexus Engines

Lexus is considered one of the most reliable car brands out there, and their engines are no exception. While most vehicles struggle to reach 200,000 miles, their cars are known to regularly hit 300,000 with the proper repairs & maintenance.

This gives the brand a leading edge among luxury carmakers, who typically boast impressive technology & comfort, but are lacking in durability.

Engine in a Yellow Lexus

Most Popular Used Lexus Engines

Lexus Transmissions

Just like their engines, Lexus transmissions are built to last and rarely have issues. Most reports state that they can last anywhere from 250,000 to 300,000 miles, but it really depends on the owner’s driving habits.

The most common problems with their transmissions are the same issues that plague all automatic transmissions eventually, including low fluid, gear slipping and shifting problems.

Lexus Steering Wheel

Top Used Lexus Transmissions

  • 2000 RX300 Used Transmission For Sale
  • 2002 ES300 Used Transmission
  • 2001 RX300 Used Transmission
  • Used IS250 Manual Transmission
  • 1999 ES300 Used Transmission

Where should I shop for used parts near me?

The best place to shop for used parts is a trusted auto recycler with a reputation for selling quality parts & good customer service.

My Auto Store has a massive inventory of engines, transmissions, & more to get your ride back on the road for less. All parts are tested for quality, stored in a climate-controlled warehouse & shipped to you (or your repair shop) free of charge. Skip the salvage yard and shop online today!

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