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Mercedes Motor Company

This is one of the most prestigious brands in the automobile world and has been this way for a long time. Their cars are solid and safe, for over 60 years Mercedes-Benz has been leading the industry in safety. First, with the creation the crumple zone in the 50’s and after with the implementation of the Anti-Lock Braking System at the end of the 70’s. Now all Mercede-Benz vehicles come with an extended suit of intelligent safety systems to keep you safe at all times. Even older models are flaunted as a status symbol. It has even taken over the market of work vans with their long lasting Mercedes diesel engines. Mercedes Benz used engines and transmissions can be expensive but so is the rest of the car, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it running for longer. A Mercedes manual transmission is hard to find becasue of the low demand of manual cars in the US but we can help you find any Mercedes transmission you need.

Other Brands

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