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Mercedes Benz is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the automobile world & a leader in auto industry safety for over 60 years. First, they created the crumple zone in the ’50s & then succeeded again with the implementation of the Anti-Lock Braking System in the late ‘70s.

Today, their entire lineup of luxury cars comes with intelligent safety systems that go above & beyond to keep passengers safe. Unfortunately, the repair cost of their cars & SUVs are high, but owners can offset these costs with genuine OEM-used Mercedes parts.

Are their parts expensive?

Yes, their car parts cost more than the industry average. According to one study, the only brand that was more expensive in terms of repairs & auto maintenance costs was BMW, another German-made car that is notoriously expensive to maintain. Benz drivers can expect to spend about $12,900 on maintenance & car repairs within the first ten years of ownership.

One of the main reasons Mercedes parts are so expensive is that they use high-tech, top-quality materials to make them. To save money, some owners fix their cars with used auto parts. Hard to find OEM-used auto parts, especially those for classic models, which can be even more expensive than brand-new parts. Search My Auto Store to find parts.

Mercedes Engines

Mercedes-Benz is well-known for combining luxury, safety, & performance into one sleek package, & their engines are no exception. Engine issues are rare for their vehicles, & most will exceed 150,000 miles without needing a major repair. If you do need a new engine, My Auto Store has a large selection of used engines with free shipping.

Like any car manufacturer, certain models & years can have issues. Multiple customers reported complete engine failure in their 2016 C300 & balance shaft issues in the 2006 E350 model. Unfortunately, engine repairs often cost as much as the car is worth. Buying Mercedes used parts online is the most cost-effective solution if the car is no longer under warranty.

Mercedes Benz AMG Engine - Used Engines For Sale at My Auto Store

The Top 3 Most Popular Mercedes Benz Used Engines

  1. Used S-Class Engines For Sale
  2. C230 Used Engine
  3. Used C300 Engine

Mercedes-Benz Transmissions

Benz owners have very few complaints about their vehicle’s transmissions. Most of the reported problems stem from low fluid or other maintenance issues, & can easily be prevented by sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule of the vehicle.

A new, brand-name transmission can cost thousands because of the quality & also because they are imported. To save some money, many owners replace their broken transmission with a Mercedes-Benz used transmission. My Auto store has a great selection & you can search our inventory using the Search Parts menu link.

Mercedes-Benz 9-G-TRONIC Transmission - Used Mercedes-Benz Transmissions

Top Mercedes Benz Used Transmissions

  1. Used 2007 S550 Transmission For Sale
  2. Used 2003 C240 Transmission
  3. Used A Class Automatic Transmission

Where can I find used Mercedes parts online?

Repairing your vehicle can be expensive, often costing several thousand dollars for new parts, including the labor to install them. If you’re looking to cut down on the cost of repairs, used parts could be your solution.

Rather than spending hours trying to find a part you need online, browse My Auto Store’s huge selection of Mercedes recycled auto parts & accessories. Not only can you save with our low prices, but you’ll also get a part that’s quality tested & backed by our standard 6-month warranty. Don’t wait until your local salvage yard gets your car part back in stock, get your ride back on the road today!

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