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With an iconic, unique style all its own, Mini Cooper packs a lot into a small package. The brand traces its roots back to the ’50s in England when gas prices were high & smaller, lighter cars were in demand. BMW purchased the brand in 2000, reigniting an interest in these sporty subcompact cars.

Although they offer several models, every vehicle made by Mini is a tribute to the original Mini Cooper design, including the John Cooper, Works upgraded models. The costs of car repairs are above average, but many enthusiasts choose to shop around for used Mini parts to offset the cost of ownership.

Are Mini Cooper parts expensive?

Yes, Mini parts tend to be expensive for two reasons. Mini is owned by BMW, a brand that is notorious for expensive parts. They are also small, compact cars with special components that can be complex to repair.

However, they score well against other brands when it comes to the total cost of ownership. In a cost comparison, they were in the top 10 cheapest cars to maintain. Even though auto maintenance costs are low, some owners repair their cars with used Mini Cooper parts to save even more.

Mini Engines

Their engines tend to score above average in reliability ratings, & their engines usually last 200,000 miles or more when maintained appropriately. The most common issue was a broken timing chain, which causes the engine to fail & could potentially damage the pistons or valves.

Staying on top of routine maintenance & car repairs can help extend the life of the engine. If you need used auto parts for car repairs, use the My Auto Store Part Search link in the menu bar.

Classic Mini Cooper Engine - Used Mini Engines For Sale at My Auto Store NYC

Most Popular Used Mini Engines For Sale

  • 2003 Cooper S Used Engine
  • 2003 Cooper Used Engine
  • 2006 Cooper Used Engine

Mini Transmissions

Mini proudly offers both automatic & manual transmission versions in its models, & they are one of the few remaining brands to do so. For the most part, Mini customers are happy with how their vehicle drives & shifts, but there are a few exceptions.

Automatic transmission failure was the number one problem reported for 2005 Coopers. Owners complained about noises during shifting & having trouble accelerating. The company quickly rectified these issues by the following year, but those who were not under warranty were out of luck. Some owners with manual transmission Coopers had issues with clutch failure, but this was rare, so don’t let that prevent you from buying a Mini.

Mini Cooper Interior - Used Mini Parts

Top 3 Used Mini Cooper Transmissions

  1. Used Mini Convertible Manual Transmission
  2. Used Mini Automatic Transmission
  3. Used Mini Manual Transmission

Where is the best place to shop for used Mini Cooper parts online?

Don’t settle for salvage yard parts with unknown mileage. My Auto Store is your #1 source for used Mini parts, including engines, transmissions, alternators, & more. If your Mini is stuck in the garage, check out our massive inventory of used car parts – all backed by our standard 6-month warranty. Plus, we ship them to you (or your repair shop) free of charge. What are you waiting for?

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