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Pontiac is credited with producing the first muscle car in United States history with the release of the 1964 GTO. The company was an integral part of the General Motors lineup for decades and produced great American cars along the way.

GM discontinued the entire Pontiac brand in 2010 after the automotive crisis, so you can no longer buy a new one. However, there are still many classics and older models that are still on the road and maintain a loyal fan base.

Are Pontiac parts expensive?

The cost to maintain a Pontiac is more than most other brands, but less than expensive luxury brands like Cadillac or Audi. General Motors stopped producing the brand entirely in 2010, but they’ve stayed committed to making replacement parts that keep older models on the road as long as possible. Used parts are a great way to save even more, as long as you get them from a quality used parts distributor.

Do they make good engines?

Back in the day, Pontiac was known for the powerful engines in their sports car GTO and Firebird models. Even after the muscle car craze died down in the 70s, they continued producing engines that were both high-performance and reliable.

That said, the engines in some newer models flopped due to problems with manufacturing. The 2003 Grand Am had the most engine issues, and many drivers reported a leaking intake manifold due to a bad gasket.

Blue Pontiac Trans Am

Most Popular Used Pontiac Engines For Sale

  • Used 3.4 Engine
  • Used G3 Engine
  • Used Grand Am Engine
  • Used Sunfire Engine
  • Used Torrent Engine

Do they make good transmissions?

Pontiac produced some great cars during its run, and most of these models had very few transmission problems.

Pontiac Transmission

Top Used Pontiac Transmissions

  • Used Transmission for 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • 2004 Grand Prix Used Transmission
  • 2007 Grand Prix Used Transmission
  • Used Transmission for 2000 Grand Prix
  • Used Transmission for G6

Can you still find used Pontiac parts?

The Pontiac brand was discontinued in 2010, and while GM still makes new parts for these vehicles, many owners opt to repair their car with high quality used parts. If you’re in the market for a used transmission, engine or other parts, My Auto Store is your solution. We have hundreds of parts in stock, all quality-tested and ready for shipping with a 6-month warranty.

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