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Scion was created by Toyota in 2003 to offer extremely affordable cars with an emphasis on uniqueness & style. Toyota discontinued the brand in 2016 because its key market of younger buyers was more attracted to its Toyota models.

Even though they have been discontinued there are still many of them on the road, which is a testament to their reliability. Toyota still manufactures new replacement parts, but many drivers prefer to find used auto parts for sale to save money. My Auto Store has a large inventory of used Scion parts.

Are Scion parts expensive?

No, their parts are very affordable compared to other brands. The brand was created by Toyota, known for selling remarkably affordable vehicles given their reliability scores. Although they were discontinued, used car parts are still available for their models through Toyota & auto parts recyclers like My Auto Store.

Scion Engines

Since the major components of their engines are made by Toyota, their engines can last well beyond the life of the car if maintained properly. Checking & maintaining oil levels can extend the life of the engine.

However, the 2007 & 2008 tC models are noted for excessive oil consumption, which could cause the oil to dry up & overheat the engine. Those who own this vehicle report having to add oil to their engine in between scheduled oil changes, and failing to do so could result in complete engine failure.

2014 Scion tC Engine - used engines for sale in New Jersey

Most Popular Scion Used Engines

  • 2006 tC Used Engine
  • 2013 FRS Used Engine
  • 2003 xB Used Engine
  • 2005 xB Used Engine

Scion Transmissions

Their cars use the same transmissions as Toyota, so they are extremely reliable car parts that should last for the vehicle’s lifetime. Used transmissions are great alternatives for these car owners when needing repairs, given the discontinuation of the vehicle line.

Scion FR-S in white - used transmissions for Scion

Top 3 Used Scion Transmissions

  • 2006 tC Transmission (Used)
  • 2005 xB Transmission 4 Speed Automatic (Used)
  • 2011 tC Manual Transmission (Used)

Where can I find used parts for sale online?

Looking for used car parts for sale? You’ve come to the right place.

Even though the cars boast minimal maintenance costs, parts can still be expensive (especially if you buy them new). My Auto Store has hundreds of used auto parts in stock & ready to be shipped. Every part is inspected for quality & backed by our 6-month warranty. Skip the U-Pull salvage yard & browse our inventory today & get your car back on the road for less!

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