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Subaru is best known for their all-wheel-drive vehicles capable of shredding through the harshest roads without losing traction. If you live anywhere where it snows or you enjoy the outdoors, these dependable cars are a great choice. Unlike other manufacturers, most of their models already come with AWD to provide that extra safety on the road.

These Japanese-engineered machines are extremely reliable and will last a long time if they are taken care of, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely free of problems. If your ride needs repairs, shop My Auto Store’s selection of used parts to get you back on the road without spending a fortune.

Are Subaru parts expensive?

The cost of Subaru’s parts is below the industry average, but they are still more expensive to maintain than competitors like Toyota and Honda. In a comparison of the 30 most popular car brands, they was ranked 19th most expensive for parts and maintenance costs.

Subaru cars are reliable, but they aren’t bulletproof. When repair costs start to add up you can save a lot of money by shopping for used Subaru parts instead of buying new ones.

Subaru Motors

Most of their cars are outfitted with the unique boxer engine, consisting of 3 cylinders that are aligned horizontally rather than vertically or at an angle. This gives their engines several unique advantages including safety, stability and power.

The most common problem with their engines is excessive oil consumption, common in Forrester, Legacy and Outback models from the early 2010s. Either bad seals or a head gasket failure causes oil to leak into the combustion chamber. This oil is burnt off and cannot lubricate the engine components which causes the engine to overheat.

Subaru Engine

Most Popular Used Subaru Engines

  • Used STI Engine
  • Used WRX Engines For Sale
  • Used Subaru 2.2 Engine For Sale
  • Used Outback Engine
  • Used Subaru EJ22 Engine For Sale

Subaru Transmissions

Subaru’s are known for their reliability, and their transmissions are no exception. However, Subaru was the first major brand to fall into the trap of the CVT or continuously variable transmission. While more efficient, CVTs have been a headache for many drivers who complain of shuddering and shaking when changing gears.

While their customer service department has compensated by extending warranties on some of these vehicles, the brand is sticking with the CVT for the foreseeable future.

What year did Subaru start using CVT transmissions?

Subaru was one of the first brands to start using continuously variable transmissions back in 1989. Today, all Subaru models come with a CVT (with a few exceptions).

Since then, they have transitioned all models to the CVT other than a few exceptions.

Subaru Lineartronic Transmission

Top Used Subaru Transmissions

  • Used BRZ Automatic Transmission
  • Used Crosstrek Manual Transmission
  • Used Impreza Manual Transmission
  • 2000 Outback Used Transmission
  • Used Forester Manual Transmission For Sale

What is the best place to find used parts online?

If you are looking for affordable used Subaru auto parts, My Auto Store is your solution. Shop hundreds of high quality parts including engines, transmissions and more. Every part is sold with a 6-month warranty and quality inspected before shipping. What are you waiting for?

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