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About VinTel

What is a VinTel® Tested Part?

Q: What is VinTel®?

VinTel® is a diagnostics tool which brings an integrated, standardized, diagnostic solution for real-time critical vehicle health through diagnostics in the automotive industry. VinTel® is an OBD-II scanner that allows you to scan a vehicle’s drivetrain. The scan provides you with a detailed report of the part’s health.

Q: What does VinTel® do?
Q: What do I get when I purchase VinTel®?
VinTel® Report Explained

The VinTel® report provides reassurance for both buyers and sellers of auto parts. This report, specifically the VinTel® Diagnostic Status Report focusing on the powertrain, reveals the condition of parts, indicating whether they are in good working order or need further attention. Additionally, it highlights any diagnostic trouble codes. In cases where a part requires additional attention, the VinTel® report promptly presents real-time estimates for labor costs and part replacements, ensuring the most cost-effective solution, thus saving both time and money.

If you email a VinTel® report to within 10 days of purchasing your drivetrain from My Auto Store, your standard 6-month part warranty will be extended to 8-months.

Why VinTel® Tested Parts?

This badge signifies that an automotive part has undergone rigorous quality testing. For a complimentary two-month extension on your automotive part’s warranty, simply rescan the part with a VinTel® unit within ten days of your purchase.

VinTel® is an OBD-II scanner powered by My Auto Store that allows us to scan a vehicle’s drivetrain. The scan provides us with a detailed report of the engine and transmission health before we dismantle and sell that part.

All of our latest My Auto Store drivetrain inventory comes “VinTel® Tested”. Ensuring the quality and health of the part you buy from My Auto Store.

Simply enter the VIN of the donor Vehicle (off your invoice) and we will take you to our VinTel® dashboard to see your drivetrain health report.

Worried About the Quality of Your Parts?
We Have the Answer: VinTel®

VinTel® is the latest cutting-edge technology to give you peace of mind purchasing and selling parts.

VinTel® is a plug-in onboard diagnostics scanner that allows you to scan a vehicle’s drivetrain and will give you a detailed report of the vehicle’s past and present health.

Available to My Auto Store customers – ask our sales rep for
more information.

Want to Learn More?

Our VinTel® devices are available for our trade customers.

A plugin OBD-II scanner that allows you to scan a vehicles drivetrain giving you a detailed report of the vehicles past and present health allowing you to buy and sell for more profits while cutting down on customer service / warranty issues.

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