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My Auto Store is one of the largest online auto parts store in the USA. Our Facilities, Our Process, Our Products, & Our People is what helps make us the best online source for finding used auto parts. Search our entire used auto parts inventory Online.

Find out more about our online used auto parts store below.

My Auto Store used auto parts warehouse online inventory.

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art automotive disassembly plant in Camden, New Jersey has the capacity to dismantle 7000+ vehicles each month. We are one of the country’s largest automobile recyclers & your go-to source for used auto parts online. My Auto Store has almost any year, any make, & any model you need. Our online auto parts store has thousands of products ready to be shipped nationwide. We take pride in being involved in every step of the process & being able to ship used auto parts to our customer’s doors nationwide.

Our Products

We purchase more than 7,000 cars and trucks each & every month. Each donor vehicle’s used parts are individually inspected & tested at multiple levels to make sure they meet the highest industry quality standards before being placed in our auto parts inventory. After the car is fully dismantled, only the best OEM parts are placed in our online auto part store and the rest of the vehicle is properly recycled.

Used Engines For Sale Online with Warranty
The Car Part Warehouse at My Auto Store in Camden NJ

Our Process

Once all the used auto parts are removed from the donor car or truck they are stored in our secure warehouse until they are ordered on our website. Before being shipped or scheduled for local pickup,  these used auto parts are quality tested one last time before being loaded on one of our trucks for a timely delivery or sent to one of our pickup locations. Whether you order from us online, by phone, or in person at our 1466 Ferry Ave, Camden NJ location our sales advisors will find the right part for you in our extensive inventory!

In Summary

My Auto Store is involved in the whole process: from vehicle acquisition to extracting used auto parts for sale in our online auto parts store. We strive to operate an environmentally friendly business that always delivers to customers in a timely manner. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way people buy recycled auto parts by making it a safe & easy online experience rather than going to your local junkyard. That is the My Auto Store Difference! 

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Auto Parts Store - My Auto Store

640,000 lbs of cars recycled daily.

Used Car Parts Store

Over 80,000 parts in inventory.

Auto Recycling

Over 1,200 gallons of toxic material saved from the environment per day.

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