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Every part sold from My Auto Store’s inventory comes with our standard 6 month exchange warranty. If your car-part goes bad within 6 months, simply return it to us for a replacement car part. See terms & conditions below.


Before your car part makes it to your door, you can be assured that it has gone through four levels of quality control.

  • Pre-purchase inspection
    We purchase our donor vehicles in-person at insurance auctions. Prior to purchasing, our buyers complete a thorough visual inspection, examining the vehicle’s mileage, the running condition of the engine and the overall condition of the vehicle’s body and interior parts.
  • Inventory
    Once a donor vehicle reaches our facility, one of our specially-trained inventory professionals combs through every nook and cranny of the vehicle, examining and taking note of the specific condition of each drivetrain, body, suspension and interior part.
  • Dismantling
    Before parts are removed from donor vehicles, our team of dismantling technicians are trained to re-inspect each part for fluid leaks, engine compression, accident damage and missing hardware.
  • Pre-delivery inspection and sign-off
    Whether shipped by way of UPS or delivered personally by one of our delivery drivers, no part leaves our facility without a pre-delivery inspection and sign-off from one of our auto parts specialists.

Information Regarding MAS Exchange Warranty

My Auto Store offers hassle free returns on all products, our main goal is customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to resolve any issues. Please contact us as soon as possible before leaving negative feedback. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our exchange warranty please contact us at 888-900-1545.

Engine Warranty Validation

To insure there are no issues validating your warranty, you must complete the following steps before and during installation:

  • Drain and replace engine oils to manufacture suggested levels
  • Replace oil, air and fuel filters
  • Replace valve cover gaskets
  • Replace oil pan gasket and rear main seal
  • If needed, replace timing gears, chains or belts & gaskets
  • Replace thermostat & gasket
  • Flush cooling system & re-fill to proper level
  • Install new spark plugs & wires
  • Install new belts and hoses

* Failure to provide proof that these steps were accurately taken will void warranty *

Engine Warranty Disclaimer

Engines come with a 6 month, part-only exchange warranty. Engines are guaranteed against knocking and excessive smoking. While engines may come with additional accessories, these accessories are not covered under the warranty. The warranty becomes void if the engine’s heat tab is melted or removed.

Transmission Warranty Validation

To insure there are no issues validating your warranty, you must complete the following steps before and during installation:

  • Replace all seals
  • Install new filter kit
  • Flush and inspect cooling lines
  • Align and engage torque converter into front pump
  • Fill transmission with manufacturer specified fluid
  • Clear all transmission computer codes prior to starting or operating vehicle

* Failure to provide proof that these steps were accurately taken will void warranty *


Do you have a question about your part’s warranty?

Reach out to us by filling out this form and one of our parts experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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