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The engine assembly is the most crucial part of a car. This complex machine that converts heat from burning gas into the force that moves your vehicle is essentially the heart of your vehicle. Without it, your car has no heart, and My Auto Store has a used motor assembly selection of hundreds, including any type of models or makes. The engine is a robust structure that consists of two main parts:

Cylinder Block: The lower, heavier section which serves as a casing for all the moving parts in an engine

Cylinder Head: The component sealing the top of the combustion chamber that contains valve-controlled passages where air and fuel mixture enters the cylinders

If you are asking “where do I find used engines for sale near me?” – My Auto Store is the answer. We have hundreds of used car parts for sale in our temperature controlled warehouses ready to be shipped as soon as possible from our auto parts online store.

Buying a used engine from My Auto Store means you will receive the replacement for your vehicle sent straight to you and get free shipping. We ship all of our auto parts in less than two days so you can have your car running right away.

We only sell OEM car parts of the best quality, this is because all of our used parts go through a 4 Stage Quality Control system before they are placed in our inventory. We are able to process thousands of original parts thanks to our revolutionary reverse assembly lines and our state of the art facilities.

In addition, we provide a 6 month warranty on all our quality used engines; so you can have peace of mind when making your purchase. You don’t ever have to go back to a junkyard or get an aftermarket part, as you will get the original part your car needs to run at My Auto Store.

Don’t buy a used engine from the dealer, as you might not find a cheap engine at My Auto Store quality anywhere else. At My Auto Store we have the same exact motors for sale at a much lower price on our online auto parts store.

Browse through our online inventory below now and see how much money you will save. My Auto Store has every part of the engine assembly. Our quality used engine parts include but not limited to: engine assembly, exhaust manifold, engine control module, air cleaner, fuel vapor canister, mass airflow sensor and throttle body assembly.

If you have any questions or need additional help finding the best OEM engine for your vehicle please call us at 1-888-900-1545 or contact us through our Contact Form.

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