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Jaguar flawlessly represents British luxury in a stylish, comfortable package. They are known for producing high-tech cars that are both reliable & beautiful at the same time.

It is no secret that the cost of owning a Jag is almost double the average across all brands, however, this does not mean they are less reliable. This car brand has cultivated a loyal following by achieving some of the best reliability ratings, especially with their latest models, & used Jaguar parts are no exception.

Are Jaguar parts expensive?

Car repairs, especially major repairs can seriously impact your wallet. Comparisons across brands put Jaguar higher than average when it comes to the price of parts, but still on the cheaper side when compared to other cars in the luxury category.

The costs of owning a luxury vehicle can add up quickly, especially the auto repair price. The best way to save on fixing your ride is to repair it with used parts. As long as you buy them from a reputable auto parts store, you’ll end up with a perfectly good part for a much lower price.

Jaguar Engines

Modern models come equipped with the Ingenium line of engines, which are made by the company themselves specifically for their vehicles. Ingenium engines have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from brand enthusiasts to everyday drivers.

Classic Jaguar Engine - Used Jaguar Engines

The Three Most Popular Jaguar Used Engines

  1. Used 2004 X Type Engine
  2. Used 2003 X Type Engine
  3. Used 2007 X Type Engine

Jaguar Transmissions

If Jaguar has one component known to cause problems, it’s automatic transmissions. X-type owners reported premature transmission failure occurring as early as 85,000 miles, which is well below the average life expectancy. The most common problems were the transmission getting stuck in park, jerking while shifting, or completely failing to engage.

Unfortunately, the cost to repair these problems is well above average too. If you need to replace your car’s transmission, consider buying used Jaguar transmission parts to save money.

Jaguar Shift Knob - Used Jaguar Transmissions

Top Used Jaguar Transmissions

  • Used F Type Manual Transmission
  • X Type Used Transmission
  • Used XF Manual Transmission

What is the best place to buy used parts online?

Used Jaguar parts are the best solution for loyal owners looking to extend the life of their vehicles without having to spend a fortune. Are you looking to get your ride back on the road for less? Browse My Auto Store’s selection of replacement engines, transmissions, AC compressors, and more.

Every part from My Auto Store is backed by a 6-month money-back guarantee & tested for quality before it’s shipped at no cost to you. Plus, you can shop from the comfort of your home without having to search for what you need.

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