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Porsche’s roots began in Germany where they helped design the Volkswagen Beetle. After World War II, the brand quickly evolved to become a household name synonymous with quality German-engineered automobiles.

Today, they are still a massive player in the luxury auto market with a strong emphasis on performance. While the cost of owning & maintaining a Porsche is high, enthusiasts will tell you that it is worth every penny. Those who own classic Porsches often prefer to repair their car with used Porsche parts, not only to save money but to ensure that every piece of their car is as authentic as the day it left the factory.

Are their parts expensive?

Porsche is usually considered the most expensive brand to own when it comes to parts, maintenance costs, & repairs (with the exception of exotic brands like Ferrari or Aston Martin). However, there is a good reason Porsche parts are so expensive and their cars are so expensive to maintain:

  1. They are imported, & imported auto parts cost more than domestic parts
  2. Their vehicles are designed for performance, which means their parts need to hold up in high-speed situations
  3. As much as Porsche’s are built for performance under the hood, they are built for luxury. Car parts from luxury brands always cost more.

Porsche Engines

Porsche engines are known for their reliability as much as they are for their speed & power. Their vehicles are equipped with engines that truly go above & beyond when it comes to horsepower & performance.

The most common complaint with their engines is a coolant leak caused by a faulty coolant distribution pipe. Most often, this issue occurs in the Panamera and Cayenne models. Low coolant can cause your engine to overheat, especially when temperatures are high or the driver is taxing the engine.

Classic 1980 Porsche Targa - Used Porsche Parts

The 3 Most Popular Used Porsche Engines

  1. Used Boxster Engine
  2. Used 911 Engine
  3. Used Cayenne Engine For Sale

Porsche Transmissions

Being a performance car, they’re known for their highly responsive manual transmissions that are both reliable & fun to drive. Their latest transmission, the Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK), is different from other manual transmissions because it utilizes paddle shifters & two separate gearboxes, making the driving experience unlike any other.

Porsche’s PDK transmissions are as reliable as they are quick-shifting and agile. Some owners reported slipping in third gear, but in most cases, the transmission will last the life of the car without issues.

Interior of Nice Porsche - Porsche Parts Online

Top 3 Used Porsche Transmissions

  1. Used Boxster Automatic Transmission
  2. Used Cayenne Transmission
  3. Used 996 Transmission

Where can I find affordable used parts?

As the number one most expensive luxury car to maintain, taking your Porsche to the repair shop can be costly. If you want to get your ride back on the road without spending a fortune, check out My Auto Store’s inventory of used Porsche parts.
Whether you’re in the market for an engine, transmission, or something else, we carry a wide-ranging selection of parts for most models. All genuine Porsche parts are backed by a 6-month warranty & quality tested before shipping. Skip the salvage yard & save more by shopping online!


Used Porsche Transmissions

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