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Volvo is well-known for making extremely safe and comfortable cars that are great for families or daily driving. And while they aren’t the most extravagant luxury cars, they are practical, elegant, and maintain many of the creature comforts that you’ll find in a high-end European car.

As far as reliability goes, most Volvo models are about average. While most of their vehicles are well-built, some have had recurring problems, and repairs can add up quickly.

Are Volvo parts expensive?

Being a luxury brand, Volvo auto parts are typically more expensive than the average brand. However, they are among the most affordable to own and maintain compared to other luxury brands, like BMW or Audi. In one study, Volvo was ranked as the fourth most expensive car brand to own due to costly repairs and parts and labor.

Volvo owners may spend more on maintenance costs and Volvo servicing, but they can rest assured they are driving in a safe and comfortable vehicle.

Volvo Engines

With few exceptions, Volvo makes solid engines that last 200,000 miles or more when properly maintained. The number one complaint with Volvo engines is excessive oil consumption, specifically in the 2012 S60 model.

Volvo S90 Interior

The Three Most Popular Used Volvo Engines

  1. Volvo S40 Used Engine
  2. Volvo S60 Used Engine
  3. Volvo V70 Used Engine

Volvo Transmissions

If Volvo has one weak spot in their reliability score, it’s their transmissions. While most Volvo transmissions don’t cause problems until well after 100,000 miles, some are known to fail early.

The worst culprits were transmissions in Volvos from the 2000s. Several models, such as the V70, XC90 and S40 are guilty of hard shifting, jerking or complete transmission failure.

Volvo Wagon

Top Used Volvo Transmissions

  • Used Volvo C30 Manual Transmission
  • Used Volvo XC90 Transmission
  • Used Volvo S40 Transmission

What is the best place to shop for Volvo used parts?

Genuine Volvo parts can be expensive, but you can save money by shopping at My Auto Store. Every single car part in our inventory is thoroughly inspected for quality and guaranteed with a six-month warranty. Browse our massive inventory to find parts and get your Volvo back on the road for less.

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