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Buick is one of the oldest auto brands in America & was the first flagship brand for General Motors. As a mid-level luxury brand, they bridged the gap between GM’s standard lineup & its high-end luxury brand, Cadillac.

According to Consumer Reports, Buick is among the top highest-rated American vehicle manufacturers in terms of dependability & frequently outperforms other American brands in ratings & customer satisfaction.

However, auto parts do fail & occasionally repairs or part replacements are necessary. Fortunately, you can save big with used parts.

Are Buick parts expensive?

The cost of Buick parts is below average when compared to other car brands, making the brand one of the most affordable luxury cars to repair. In the first ten years of ownership, drivers can expect to dish out $8,600 for parts, repairs, & annual maintenance costs. This may seem expensive, but Buick actually ranks better than its parent company, Chevrolet when it comes to the cost of maintenance.

If you’re looking to save on repairs, you can always fix your car with used Buick parts, as long as you get them from a reliable source.

Buick Engines

Buick has been producing high-quality vehicles for more than a century, but certain models & years were plagued with engine problems. Many owners reported stalling & rattling due to loose timing chains, a problem that led to frequently blown engines in the later 2000s.

As a result, there is a big market for used Buick engines for sale as replacement parts for owners looking to keep their cars on the road.

Buick emblem - Used Buick Auto Parts

Most Popular Used Buick Engines

  • 2009 Buick Enclave Engine
  • Used Buick 350 Engine For Sale
  • Used Buick 455 Engine For Sale
  • Used Engine for 2002 Rendezvous

Buick Transmissions

Automatic transmission issues have been the top complaint from their owners, particularly those who own the Enclave model. These issues typically show up when the car switches gears, causing delays or shaking & vibrating while accelerating. Fortunately, there were fewer reports of problems with their manual transmission vehicles.

buick allure - used Buick parts

Top Used Buick Transmissions

  • Used Transmission for 2005 LeSabre
  • Used Transmission for 2001 LeSabre
  • Used Transmission for 2008 Enclave
  • Used Transmission for 2005 Rendezvous
  • Used Transmission for 2009 Enclave

What other Buick parts can you buy used?

Even the simplest auto repairs can add up quickly. Fortunately, My Auto Store has more than just engines & transmissions in stock. You can also save money on car repairs with:

  • Used Headlight & Tail Lights
  • Used AC Compressors
  • Used Alternators
  • Used Rear Mirrors and Side Mirrors
  • Used Differentials
  • Used Wheels and Accessories

Like engines & transmissions, all genuine OEM parts come with a 6-month warranty, so you know you’re getting a part that works and fits your car, crossover, or SUV. Check our parts inventory search to see where you can save.

Where should I buy used Buick car parts?

When shopping for used auto parts, it’s important to find a seller that stands by the quality of their product. At My Auto Store, each used Buick car part is meticulously inspected for quality & backed by our 6-month warranty. You don’t have to settle for risky private sellers that will not guarantee their products. Browse our huge selection & get your vehicle back on the road today without massive car repair costs or trips to the salvage yard!

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