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Signs your car needs a new AC Posted in:

Signs Your Car Needs a New AC Compressor

There’s nothing worse than getting into a car with no air conditioning on a hot summer day. When your AC system is no longer cooling efficiently, it could be due to a bad compressor. Check out these tips to make sure you don’t get stranded in the heat without A/C! How do you know if […]

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Reliable Toyota Engine Posted in:

Does Toyota Really Make the Most Reliable Engines?

Toyota engines are generally considered the most trustworthy in the industry, and the proof is in their awards and accolades. Automotive rating websites like Consumer Reports, JD Power or Edmunds consistently give Toyota awards when it comes to the reliability of their cars. What makes Toyota engines the most reliable? Other Japanese auto brands like […]

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Used wheels Posted in:

Is it worth it to buy used wheels?

Yes! If you have a damaged wheel, used wheels are an easy way to keep your car rolling without dishing out a ton of money. Or, you can swap a set of wheels to give your car a quick upgrade that is sure to make your car stand out. What are OEM wheels? OEM stands […]

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Quality used engines Posted in:

How to Find a Quality Used Engine for Sale

From private sellers to “U-pull-it” junkyards, there are tons of places where you can find used engines for sale. The key is finding a quality used engine, one that will last you for the life of your car without breaking down or causing problems. The best quality used engines are: Low mileage Free of damage […]

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Quality used transmissions Posted in:

Buying Cheap Used Transmissions Isn’t As Risky As You Think

Most people think a bad transmission means spending thousands at the repair shop on parts, plus the cost of labor for a mechanic to replace it. New parts are expensive, but buying cheap used transmissions can get your car back in working order for much less, and it isn’t as risky as you think if […]

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Why you need a visor in your car Posted in:

The Importance of Sun Visors for Driving Safety and How to Save Money Buying Them Online

Sunrise and sunset. Two magical moments of the day in which the sun shows all its splendor. However, you may not find these moments so “magical” if you drive east or west. No matter how much driving experience you have, dealing with direct sunlight in your field of vision is serious business. This is when […]

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Where To Find Used Engines With A Warranty

So you’ve made the decision and are ready to buy a used engine instead of a new one. Before proceeding, though, there is one last aspect to consider. It’s not just about buying a used engine and saving some money; your goal should be to get a used engine with a warranty. Do Used Engines […]

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Buying Cheap Used Engines Isn’t As Risky As You Think

There is a concern we repeatedly hear from our customers, is buying cheap used engines risky? The short answer is no. Buying cheap used engines isn’t as risky as you think. If you’re interested in finding out why then read on. Analyzing the root of the problem The first thought of everyone considering buying a […]

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Used Motor in a repair shop Posted in:

Why You Should Buy Used Motors Instead Of A New One

If you find yourself in the difficult position of having to replace your car’s engine, this article may be helpful. Today the My Auto Store team is going to show you why you should buy used motors instead of a new ones (and save money in the process). Disadvantages of buying a brand new motor […]

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What Does A Carrier Assembly Do And How To Buy One Online

Many people, even enthusiasts, are not sure what a carrier assembly is. That’s why the experts at My Auto Store have decided to do something about it. In this article, we will explore what this part is and how to buy one online. What Is a Carrier Assembly? Throughout this article, you will notice that […]

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