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Is it worth it to buy used wheels?

Yes! If you have a damaged wheel, used wheels are an easy way to keep your car rolling without dishing out a ton of money. Or, you can swap a set of wheels to give your car a quick upgrade that is sure to make your car stand out.

What are OEM wheels?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM wheels are the original wheels that are installed when the car comes out of the factory or replacement wheels made by the same company. Sometimes they are referred to as genuine or factory wheels. For example, OEM wheels for a Nissan Altima are made by Nissan.

Car experts prefer using factory original OEM parts because they are specifically designed for the vehicle, and therefore provide a better fit and a safer, smoother drive. OEM parts are usually more expensive than aftermarket parts manufactured by parts companies, but most mechanics will tell you it is worth it to pay the difference for the original. Plus, you can get a much better price if you buy OEM wheels that are used, but still in good condition.

What is the difference between wheels and rims?

Technically a rim is the edge of a wheel, while the wheel is the entire metal piece that spins around the axle. However, people use both the rim and wheel interchangeably to refer to the entire wheel.

OEM Used Wheel vs Used Rim

For example, when someone says they are buying a new set of rims, they are buying four brand-new wheels for their car. Chances are if the tires are included, they are priced into the cost of the used wheel itself.

How do you know that you are getting quality used wheels?

When assessing the quality of a used wheel, the most important thing is that the wheel is structurally sound, with no cracks, bends, dents, or pieces missing. Cosmetic damages or scratches are okay, as long as they are only on the surface. Rims or wheels that have significant cracks may have lost their structural integrity and could cause a blowout if it fails while driving at high speeds.

Bent wheel cracked wheel

If you go to a U-pull salvage yard or junkyard, you should always inspect a wheel before you buy it. Some, but not all auto parts stores put their parts through stringent quality checks, but at a pick-and-pull junkyard, what you see is what you get.

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting a high-quality used wheel is to only buy from an auto parts store that guarantees their products, like My Auto Store. It’s easy to find your part, and you don’t have to wonder if the wheel you purchased is in good shape.

How do you test used wheels for defects?

The best way to test wheels for defects is to visually inspect them and test drive them on your car, but when buying a used wheel, it’s not always realistic to try them before you buy. If you can’t test drive, try the following methods to determine if the wheel is worth your money:

  • Check the outer rim of the wheel, as well as the front and back. Any bends, cracks or visible damage means there is a higher risk it will bend further, and can even cause a flat tire.
  • Look for any corrosion/rust, pitting, or paint chipping.
  • Check the quality of the bolt holes in the center of the wheel. Avoid any wheel that has damaged bolt holes.
  • Roll the wheel on a flat, clean surface. If you observe any wobbling or sideways movement, it’s likely because the wheel is bent.

How much do used wheels cost at a junkyard?

Used OEM rims that are salvaged from an end-of-life vehicle range anywhere from $100 to $175 each, depending on the size, mileage, and material that the rim is made out of. The factors that determine the price of a used wheel are:

  • Size – diameter of the wheel not including the tire.
  • Material – steel wheels, alloy wheels, or aluminum wheels.
  • Condition – the less damage, the more the wheel is worth.
  • Quality – OEM vs Aftermarket.

Brand-new OEM wheels that you can buy at a tire shop or a dealership are the most expensive. Aftermarket rims are usually cheaper (starting at around $200 each), though specialty aftermarket rims can cost as much as $1000 each.

Steel is the least expensive and the most durable, but they are heavy and are not ideal for quick acceleration. Alloy rims are a combination of lighter metals that have a sportier look, save gas, and provide a better driving experience.

Where can I find used wheels near me?

The best place to find good deals on used OEM wheels is an auto parts store that specializes in selling used car parts like MyAutoStore.com. We offer a 6-month warranty and quality check our products before they are even put into inventory. So use the part search option in the menu to get started searching used OEM wheels for sale online at My Auto Store.

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