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How to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

Extend Your Transmission’s Lifespan

Transmissions are among the costliest parts to replace. Some transmissions like Nissan’s CVT and Kia Forte’s CVT have been known to have a shorter lifespan while others like a manual or Toyota Corolla automatic transmission are made to last. Even with those specific transmissions, you could extend its life by taking the proper precautions. Find out what you need to do to avoid pricey trips to the garage.

Follow Your Recommended Maintenance

Chances are you’ve heard this many times but probably ignored the driver’s manual or even a recommendation from your mechanic. Maintenance is the most important factor in having a long-lasting transmission. Don’t wait too long whenever it’s time to replace your transmission fluid and filter. It is recommended to change the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles. You can even wait up to 100,000 miles if it’s automatic. It’s a good idea to get it serviced annually. Transmissions have specialized fluid that helps the gears and other parts stay lubricated to maximize its operation. By ignoring your manual, you’re going to be spending significantly more to repair or replace the transmission than the cost of maintenance.

Shift Gears Smoothly

This is one you can easily fix just by changing the way you drive. Transmissions have a fragile system. That means waiting until your vehicle comes to a complete stop before shifting to reverse. Continuing to shift while your vehicle is in motion will create big problems for your transmission. This also means you should drive at a moderate pace and avoid pushing your vehicle to its limits. You’ll save yourself an unnecessary trip to the repair shop. Also, use the e-brake every time you park on an incline. Your brake’s pin won’t wear out quickly with the e-brake applied.

Avoid overloading Your Vehicle

Like speeding, overloading your car can do harm to your transmission over time. Overloading your vehicle or towing will put much strain on the transmission, engine, and tires. Your engine and transmission have to work harder to move your vehicle. Driving with a significant amount of weight in your vehicle leads to powertrain strain for your transmission. This can cause the transmission to overheat. Prevent this issue by following the manual’s recommended towing capacity.

Keep Your Transmission Cool

Heat can cause all sorts of issues for your transmission. Overheating can result in damaged gears and bearings, and slipping bands. This will lead to transmission failure and other mechanical issues. Check for leaks and ensure your fluid levels at topped off. It helps to park your vehicle in the garage or somewhere under the shade in the warmer months to ensure your vehicle stays cool.

After following these recommended steps above, you’ll save yourself from the costly headaches of a damaged transmission. If you just replaced a worn-out transmission with a quality used OEM transmission from My Auto Store, your transmission can last as long as you take the proper precautions to ensure it operates for an extended timeframe. Remember, it is covered by a 6-month warranty. Anytime you notice the transmission operates out of the norm or makes noises, take it to a knowledgeable mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

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